Al Habib Abdulloh bin Alwi Al Haddad
Fadhilah and Especial of Ratib Al-Haddad

Story collected hit the excess Ratibal-Haddad of a lot of registered in by book of Syarah Ratib Al-Haddad, is Have said the Habib Abu Bakar the bin Abdullah Al-Jufri residing in Seiwun ( Hadhramaut): “ At one particular a period of a contingent us is going to Makkah to give or obtain cash for the Haji, our ark is agrounded cannot continue its transportation;journey is because of there no wind refusing it.
Hence we anchor in a coast, last is we fill in the gerbah-gerbah ( place fill the made water from husk) we are with the water, and we even also leave to walk the day and night, our kerana hesitate the under developed of Haji. In a stop, we try drink the water in that gerbah and we discover the brackish airnya and masin, last is we pass that. We sit do not know what must will be made. Hence I suggest our entourage that to read the this Ratib Haddad, hopefully Allah will give the leisure from case which we face that. Not yet we have time to used up read [it], sudden we espy a group of one who [is] riding camel go to our place, we walk on air. But if/when they come near the us, we discover the them that frequent pirate hijack the harta-benda one who go to and from there. But seemingly Allah Ta’Ala have softened their liver if/when they discover we [is] agrounded there, then they give the us drink and invite we ride their camel to be submitted/sent [by] us to place [of] a group of clan Syarif* without bothered [by] us [is] at all, and from there we even also leave again go to the Haji, thank goodness for God aid [is] kerana blessing read this Ratib.
This story [is] also reported on by a loving clan Sayyid, he/she said: “ Once my event leave from country Ahsa’I go to Hufuf. [In] that transportation;journey [is] I [is] seen [by] clan Badwi which usually force one who get through that transportation;journey. I even also desist and sit, whereabout that place also I mark with lines its land;ground encircle me and I sit in the centre of [his/its] read this Ratib. With God power [is] they have elapsed before like one who [do] not look me, my [is] medium look into them.” So also have gone into effect such to a pious [of] excellency, its name [is] Hasan Bin Harun [of] when he/she go out together its friends from its country [in] angle;corner Oman go to Hadhramaut. [In] their transportation;journey in concern with the pirate horde, hence he/she order the people who together [it] read this Ratib. Alhamdulillah, that pirate horde [do] not disturb the whom even also, oppositely;also last them with [do] not bother. What reported on by a Wisdom of Billah Abdul One bin Subait Az-Zarafi, he said: There is]a ferocious power recognized by the name of Tahmas which [is] also recognized by the name of Rightful Nadir. This Tahmas is]a power ajam mastered a lot of from country in about nya. He have provided its ammy to fight the country Aughan. so called Sultan Aughan of Sulaiman delegate the people to Imam of Habib Abdullah Haddad inform [it], that Tahmas [is] preparing ammy to groan [it]. Hence Habib Abdullah Haddad send this Ratib and order the Sultan Sulaiman and its people read [it]. Sultan Sulaiman even also practice the this reading Ratib and command its ammy and all [of] its people to read the this Ratib i by bertitah: “ We will not can be mastered [by] the our Tahmas kerana there [is] strong fortress, this iaitu Ratib Haddad.” Correctness [of] what told by that Sultan Sulaiman, that its country [is] quit of [of] attack Tahmas and safed from that ferocious angkara power because [is] this blessing Ratib Haddad. you of Writer of this Syarah Ratib Al-Haddad [is] so called [of] Abdullah Bin Ahmad also have experienced of the same event, iaitu [of] when he/she leave from country Syiher go to the port of Syugrah by water, sudden wind stuck the no blowing again, then that ship [is] even also agrounded motion less again.
Rather old we await but the no succeeding also. Hence I invite the rakan-rakan read this Ratib , hence [do] not how long come the wind bring our ship to its target safely by the blessing read this Ratib. A[N experience again from Sayyid Awadh Barakat Asy-Syathiri Ba’Alawi [of] when he/she belayar by water, last [of] that ship have perverted the road;street so that bring [is] [it] agrounded [in] periphery a reef. At the time wind also stuck cannot move that ship go out from its danger. We all feel to hesitate, then we read this Ratib with the Allah intention will save the us. Hence with the Allah power come the wind and draw the us go out from that place go to the our target place. Hence that kerana is I practice to read this Ratib. One night I [is] fallen asleep [by] before reading [it], then I dream the Habib Abdullah Haddad come reminding me so that read this Ratib, and I even also tersedar from sleep and readed on [by] that Ratib Haddad. Among other things again what narrated by Syeikh Allamah Sufi of pupil of Ahmad Asy-Syajjar, iaitu Muhammad bin Rumi Al-Hijazi, he/she say: “ I dream impressing I reside in the fore part of Habib Abdullah Haddad, this compiler Ratib.
Sudden come a boy request something than Habib Abdullah Haddad, hence he/she have given me a kind of enchaining and that sayapun memberikannyakepada people. On day after, come to me a boy and ask than diploma ku ( truth of teacher) to read the this Ratib Haddad, as which diploma to me by guruku Ahmad Asy-Syajjar. I even also inform that people about my dream [is] last night, namely when I reside in the majlis Habib Abdullah Haddad, last there [is] a incoming to it. If so, kataku, that people thou.” From this habit Syeikh Al-Hijazi, he/she always read the Ratib Haddad [of] when fear moment [of] either in its daytime mahupun night, and (it) is true if legible [at] both a period of/to that's most important, as ordered by this compiler Ratib [by] xself. There [is] a from town Quds ( Syam) hereafter involving of own about a lot of excess read this Ratib, he/she then make a[n space [in] its house angle;corner named [by] a Place Read the Ratib, [is] whereabout collected [by] a people to practice the this reading Ratib there when day and night. Among other things again, what reported on by Sayyid Ali bin Hassan, resident Mirbath, he/she said: “ Once my event [is] fallen asleep [by] before I read the Ratib, I then dream to come to me a Angel tell to me: “ Each;Every our night all solemn Angel [of] buatmu like this and so from all kinds of kindliness, but [at] tonight we [do] not make the something even also kerana thou [do] not read the Ratib. I [is] non-stoped to be awaked from sleep then read the that Ratib Haddad instantaneously. Semi clan Sayyid tell a story about its experience: “ If I [is] fallen asleep [by] when I read the Ratib [of] before I finish its reading, I dream to see the matter miscellany which menggerunkan, but if have finished its reading, no also dream the something even also.” Among which [is] [is] reported on again, bahawa [of] a pecinta of clan Sayyid, Muhammad Bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad Mughairiban which live in the country Shai’Ar, he/she tell a story: “ From habit of Sidi Habib Zainul Abidin bin Ali bin Sidi Abdullah Haddad which always I solemn to it have never even if leave the this reading Ratib. Sudden a[n our night [is] fallen asleep in the early time Isya, we are the no reading Ratib and no pray the Isya, everybody of[is inclusive of Sidi Habib Zainul Abidin. We are the no sedarkan x'self but [in] morning time, whereabout we discover partly our house [is] burnted. Nowadays know the us bahawa [of] all that go into effect the kerana of[is no reading this Ratib. That cause later;then [his/its] [is] we have never left its reading again, and if have read [it] we feel peaceful, no sesuatupun to endanger the us, and we are the no hesitating again to our house, though he [is] made the than dedaunan korma, and if/when us of[is no reading [it], our liver is not peaceful and always anxiety.” I feel enough with a few story which I submit here hit the this excess Ratib and your own can check the talking which I catitkan here, so that Sidi Habib Muhammad bin Zain bin Semait [by] xself have told in its book [is] Ghayatul Qasd Wal Murad, is of soul of this Saiyidina compiler Ratib will attend if read [by] this Ratib, and over there there [is] again other mystical secret which can be reached [by] when reading [it] and this [is] effective and really effective, no require to be hesitated again. Say the Habib Alwi bin Ahmad, writer of Syarah Ratib Al-Haddad: “ Who prohibit the people read this Ratib as well as wirid-wirid [of] all salihin, nescaya he/she will be befalled [by] a heavy disaster than Allah Ta’Ala, and this matter have gone into effect and non nonsenses.” Say The Sidi Habib Muhammad bin Zain bin Semait Ba’Alawi in its buku [is] Ghayatul Qasd Wal Murad: Have said the Saiyidina Habib Abdullah Haddad: “ Who oppose or oppose one who read our Ratib this [is] either outspokenly or hidden [by] its insubordination will get the disaster [is] such as those which befalled to for people who overshadow the recitation and wirid or negligent [of] their liver from recitate to Allah Ta’Ala. Allah of Ta’Ala berfirman: : “ And whomever looking away from considering Me, hence for him[s will be destined [by] a narrow;tight life ( Thaha: 124 )
Allah said again: “ And whomever looking away from considering Soft touch God, We balakan for him[s prince of darkness taken become the friend ( Az-Zukhruf: 36 ) Allah Berfirman again: “ And whomever looking away from its mengingai The infinite, We alley will [it] to seksa oppressing breath ( Al-Jin: 17)Apa again which will be explained to hit this Ratib to push the inveterate you so that x'self practice its reading every day, at least one day each;every night, hopefully you'd be opened [by] a liver to do so and get the benefit [of] than this deed.
Isplucked from: Syarah Ratib Haddad: Analyse And Comment - composition of Syed Ahmad Semait, derivative of Book of National Pte. Ltd.


bUUaajOoLL said...

Who oppose read our Ratib this is either outspokenly or hidden by its insubordination will get the disaster is such as those which befalled to for people who overshadow the recitation and wirid or negligent of their liver from recitate to Allah SWT. Subhanallah///Amen

asminatul said...

Allah said again: “ And whomever looking away from considering Soft touch God, We balakan for him prince of darkness taken become the friend ( Az-Zukhruf: 36)Amen..Thank this wtite