Imam Syafi’I of Advocate of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah


He born in the year 150 H, In the year that also, Abu Hanifah pass away is so that commented by al-Hakim as signal that he is] substitution of Abu Hanifah in the field of elaborated. About its birth place, a lot of history mentioning some different place.
However, celebrated and agreed on by historian is town Ghazzah ( A town which is located in regional frontier of Syam of up at Egypt. Precisely [in] side South arch Palestinian. Its Distance with the town Asqalan [of] about two farsakh). Other;Dissimilar place [is] which mentioned over and over [is] town of Asqalan and Yaman. Ibnu Rough up to give the clarification that the history can be coupled with to be said that [by] beliau borne [in] a so called place [of] Ghazzah [in] region Asqalan. When old age two year, beliau brought [by] ibunya to country Hijaz and mixed with the that country resident [is] which clan Yaman [of] because the mother come from kabilah Azdiyah ( from Yaman).
Last when old age 10 year, beliau brought to Mekkah, because the mother worry its lineage [is] evanescent excellency and fallen into oblivion. so called Beliau [of] Muhammad munchedly [is] Abu Abdillah. Lineage Beliau completely [is] Muhammad bin Idris bin al-‘Abbas bin ‘ Utsman Bin Syafi‘ bin as-Saib bin ‘ Ubayd Bin ‘ Abdu Zayd bin Hasyim bin al-Muththalib bin ‘ Abdu Manaf bin Qushay. Lineage Beliau come in contact with the lineage Rasulullah [of] [at] x'self ‘ Abdu Manaf bin Qushay. That way, beliau still the inclusive of kin contain the Rasulullah [of] because still be counted [by] clan of paman-jauh beliau, that is Hasyim bin al-Muththalib. Mr. beliau, Idris, coming from area Arrive ( A area [in] region Tihamah [in] road;street go to the Yaman). He/She is a which [do] not berpunya. Initially he/she live in the Madinah then make a move and remain to [in] ‘ Asqalan ( coastal Edge Town [in] Palestinian region) and finally die in a state of still be young over there. Syafi‘I, grandfather from grandfather beliau, - what its name become the source of penisbatan beliau ( Syafi‘I), according to some of moslem scholar [is] a friend shigar ( yunior) Prophet. As-Saib, Father Syafi‘I, [by] xself the inclusive of friend fly the ( senior) owning looking like [of] physical by Rasulullah [is] SAW. He/She is the included in line of figure of musyrikin Quraysy in action Badar. At the time he/she tertawan then redeem [by] xself x'self and express to enter Islam. All historian and moslem scholar [of] lineage and also expert hadits compromise that Imam Syafi‘I come from pure Arab clan. Imam of Muhammadan Bukhari Imam and have born witness they will be valid [of] its lineage and ketersambungannya with the Prophet lineage, later;then they argue the opinion [of] a group of people from circle of Malikiyah and Hanafiyah expressing that Imam Syafi‘I is not genuiness of clan Quraysy in lineage, but only clan by wala’ [is] just just. As for mother beliau, there are different idea [of] about spirit.
Some opinion tell he/she clan still al-Hasan bin ‘ Dusty Ali Bin [of] Thalib, while other mention a woman from kabilah Azadiyah owning to munch the Ummu Habibah. Imam An-Nawawi affirm that mother of Imam Syafi‘I [is] a assiduous woman have religious service [to] and own the high intellegence. He/She is a which faqih in religion business and own the ability [do/conduct] istinbath. Searching Science and Missionize. [In] Mekkah, Imam Syafi ‘ i and ibunya live in near by Syi‘Bu al-Khaif. Over there, the mother send [it] learn to a teacher. In fact ibunya [of] incapable of defraying [it], but the teacher in the reality ready to [is] not paid [by] after seeing intellegence and its speed in memorizing. Imam Syafi‘I tell a story, “ [In] al-Kuttab ( place school memorize the Alquran), I see the teacher teaching there read off its pupils [is] sentence Alquran, hence I follow to memorize [it]. Until when I memorize all that he/she diktekan, he/she say to me, ‘ for me take the fee little darimu.’” And in the reality later;then immediately learn is lifting [it] in the place of [his/its] ( observing other;dissimilar pupil) if he/she is [there] no. The above is true, not to mention stepping on age baligh, beliau have turned into a teacher. After finished memorize Alquran [in] al-Kuttab, beliau later;then change over to Illicit Masjidil to attend the science ceremony over there. Even if live in the poorness, beliau [do] not despair in bailing science. Beliau collect the ceramic fraction, husk cutting, date frond, and camel bone to be weared to to write. So that jar own the ibunya [of] full of article so also bone, ceramic fraction, and date frond written down the hadits-hadits Prophet. And that became of [by] the moment beliau [of] not to mention have age [to] baligh. said that [by] beliau have memorized the Alquran at the (time) of have age [to] 7 year, then read and memorize the buku Al-Muwaththa’ masterpiece of Imam Malik [of] [at] age 12 year [of] before beliau find direct with the Imam Malik [in] Madinah. Beliau [is] also interested to learn the Arab linguistic and its idyls. Beliau set mind on to live in the hinterland with tribe Hudzail which have famous [of] the gift of the gab and its Ianguage perity, and also their idyls. Its result, at the return from there beliau have succeeded to master their the gift of the gab and memorize entire/all their idyl, and also know the lineage of Arab people, a[n later matter a lot of praised by Arab linguist which have met with [his/its] and which live after. But, Allah destiny have determined the other;dissimilar road;street for him[s. After getting advise from two moslem scholar people, that is Muhammadan [of] bin Khalid az-Zanji(mufti of town Mekkah), and al-Husain bin ‘ Ali Bin Yazid [of] [so that/ to be] deepening science fiqih, hence beliau [is] even also touched to deepen [it] and start the beliau [do/conduct] its adventure look for science.
He's early it by bailing [it] from moslem scholar its town, Mekkah, like Moslem of bin Khalid, Dawud Bin Abdurrahman al-‘Athar, Muhammad Bin Ali bin Syafi’ – what still be counted [by] a uncle far its[his]-, Sufyan Bin ‘ Uyainah ( expert of hadits Mekkah), Dusty Abdurrahman Bin Burn the al-Maliki, Sa’id Bin Salim, Fudhail Bin ‘ Iyadh, and others. [In] this Mekkah, beliau learn the science fiqih, hadits, lughoh, and Muwaththa’ Imam Malik. Despitefully beliau also learn the skill bow and ride on horseback become skilled as its understanding realization to sentence 60 letter Al-Anfal. [Is] even said that from 10 free arrow [it], 9 among other things synchronized surely target. After getting permit from all syaikh-nya for the religious advices of, arise its desire to wander to Madinah, Dar As-Sunnah, to take the science from all its moslem scholar. Particularly again over there there [is] Imam of Malik bin Anas, compiler al-Muwaththa’. Hence leave the beliau there meet the the Imam. Before Imam Malik, beliau read the al- Muwaththa’ what have memorized of [in] Mekkah, and its memorizing make the Imam Malik marvel to it. Beliau experience the mulazamah to Imam Malik for the shake of taking science from nya until the the Imam pass away in the year 179 H.
Beside Imam Malik, he also take the science from moslem scholar other Madinah like Dusty Ibrahim bin Yahya, ‘ Abdul ‘ Aziz Ad-Darawardi, Athaf Bin Khalid, Isma‘Il Bin Ja‘Far, Ibrahim Bin Sa‘D and still a lot of again.
After returning to Mekkah, beliau later;then continue to look for the science to Yaman. Over there beliau take the science from Mutharrif bin Mazin and Hisyam bin Yusuf al-Qadhi, other and also. But, early from Yaman [of] this is beliau get temptation. One matter which [is] always faced by all moslem scholar, before and also hereafter beliau-. [In] Yaman, name beliau become popular because a number of activity and its obstinacy uphold the justice, and its popularity until also to ear of resident Mekkah. Last, in ill part people who to it effect [of] its activity [is] mentioned inform against [it] to Khalifah Harun Ar-Rasyid, They allege [it] will incite the rebellion with people from circle Alawiyah. As in history, Imam Syafi‘I live [at] early days of governance Bani ‘ a success Abbasiyah grab the power from Bani Umayyah. During the period, each;every khalifah from Bani ‘ Abbasiyah almost always face the people rebellion from circle ‘ Alawiyah. This fact make they behave very cruel in extinguishing people rebellion ‘ Alawiyah which in fact their you still as humanity of Bani Hasyim. And that Matter inscribe to feel circumstantial sorrowful [at] clan muslimin in general and [at] x'self of Imam Syafi‘I peculiarly. He/She see the people from Ahlu of Prophet Couplet face the accident which mengenaskan from power. Hence differ from the attitude of expert fiqih others, beliau even also look outspokenly [is] its love to them without having cold feet little, a[n attitude which that moment will make its owner feel the very difficult life. Its attitude make [is] [it] alleged [by] as one who behave the tasyasyu‘, though its attitude [is] at all differ from the tasyasyu’ model the people syi‘ah. Even Imam Syafi‘I refuse to ossify the attitude tasysyu’ their model that believing Dusty ketidakabsahan keimaman Burn the, Umar, and also ‘ Utsman , and only believe the keimaman Ali, and also believe the all their imam.
While love beliau to Ahlu Couplet [is] love constituted by comands which is there are in Al-Quran and also hadits-hadits shahih. and that Love beliau in the reality is not then make [is] [it] assumed by people syiah as their expert fiqih madzhab. accusation Dusta instructed to it that he will incite the rebellion, making of it be under arrest, [is] then knocked around to Baghdad in a state of handcuffed enchainedly with a number of people ‘ Alawiyah. Beliau with people ‘ That Alawiyah [is] confronted to fore part of Khalifah Harun Ar-Rasyid. Khalifah order its subordinate prepare the sword and husk carpet. After checking them man by (for) man, he order its officer dismember their head. When coming up with its innings, Imam Syafi‘I try to give the clarification to Khalifah. With the intellegence and its calmness and also defence from Muhammad bin al-Hasan ( expert of fiqih Iraq), beliau succeed to assure the Khalifah [of] about ketidak-benaran [of] what alleged to it. Finally beliau leave the ceremony of Harun Ar-Rasyid in a state of clear of accusation abet the ‘ Alawiyah and get the opportunity to live in Baghdad. [In] Baghdad, beliau return [at] its origin activity, searching science. Beliau check and deepen the madzhab Ahlu Ra’Yu. For that beliau learn by mulazamah to Muhammad bin al-Hassan. Others, to Isma‘Il bin ‘ Ulayyah And Abdul Wahhab ats-Tsaqafiy and others. After reaching for science from all moslem scholar that Iraq, beliau return to Mekkah at the (time) of its name start recognized. Hence start he teach in place ahead he learn. When season haji arrive, thousands of jamaah haji coming to Mekkah. Those who have heard the name beliau and its science [is] marvellous, motivated to follow its instruction to the last nya name beliau more and more recognized wide. One of them [is] Imam of Ahmad bin Hanbal. When kamasyhurannya to town Baghdad, Imam of Abdurrahman bin Mahdi send the letter to Imam Syafi‘I ask [it] to write a containing buku [of] khabar-khabar which maqbul, clarification [of] about nasikh and mansukh from sentence Alquran and others. Hence beliau even also write its buku [is] famous, Ar-Risalah. After more than 9 year teach [in] Mekkah, beliau return to [do/conduct] the transportation;journey to Iraq to at twice nya in order to helping madzhabAsh-habul Hadits over there. Beliau get the hilarious greeting [in] Baghdad [of] because all big moslem scholar over there have its menyebut-nyebut name.
With its arrival, group of Ash-Habul Hadits feel to get the fresh wind because previously they feel predominated by Ahlu Ra’Yi. Until said that [by] when beliau come to Baghdad, [in] Mosque Jami ‘ al-Gharbi [of] there are about 20 halaqah Ahlu Ra ‘ yu. But when Friday arrive, what [is] remained only 2 or 3 just just halaqah. Beliau remain to [in] Iraq [of] during two year, later;then in the year 197 beliau return to Mekkah. Over there beliau start to disseminate the madzhabnya [by] xself. Hence come all science prosecutor to it imbibe from its science ocean. But beliau only reside in one year [in] Mekkah. Year 198 H, beliau leave again to Iraq. But, beliau only some just month;moon over there because have been happened [by] the political change. Khalifah Al- Makmun have been mastered by all moslem scholar of expert kalam, and trapped in solution [of] about science kalam. [For a] while Imam Syafi‘I [is] one who correct understanding about science kalam. Beliau know how this science oposition by manhaj [is] as-salaf ash-shaleh( which during the time holding of), in comprehending problem syariat. That matter because people of expert kalam make mind as especial directive in face of each;every problem, making of it reference in comprehending syariat though they know that mind also own the limitation limitation. correct Beliau soybean cake [of] dislike meraka to moslem scholar of ahlu hadits. Because that's beliau refuse their madzhab. And so in reality. Their provocation make the Khalifah conducive to a lot of accident to all moslem scholar of ahlu hadits. One of them is [is] which [is] [is] known as [by] Yaumul Mihnah, when he/she collect all moslem scholar to test and force they accept the that understanding Alquran [is] creature. As a result, a lot of incoming moslem scholar serve a sentence, if/when [is] not murdered. One of among other things [is] Imam of Ahmad bin Hanbal. Because change [of] that's, Imam Syafi‘I later;then decide to go to Egypt.
In fact its his small liver refuse to go there, but finally he deliver the x'self to Allah will;desire. [In] Egypt, beliau get the its society greeting. Over there beliau missionize the, its science disperse, and write a number of buku, inclusive of revise its buku [is] ar-Risalah, to the last nya beliau meet final [is] its life over there. Its compositions Beliau only live during century half and workdload [it] [do/conduct] the transportation;journey far to look for the science, that matter is not hinder [it] to write a lot of buku. Its amount according to Ibnu Zulaq reach 200 shares, while according to al-Marwaziy reach 113 buku [of] about interpretation, fiqih, civil and others. Yaqut Al-Hamawi tell its amount reach 174 buku which its titles [is] mentioned by Ibnu an- Nadim in al-Fahrasat. What most famous among its bukus [is] al-Umm, consisted of [by] 4 volume contain 128 problem, and ar-Risalah al-Jadidah ( what have revised of) concerning Alquran and As-Sunnah and also domicile [it] in syariat. Tausiyah and its Impregnability Advocate Sunnah. As a following manhaj Ash-Habul Hadits, beliau in specifying a[n problem especially problem aqidah always make the Alquran and Sunnah Prophet as base and its law source. Beliau always mention the theorem from both and make [it] hujjah in face of its antagonist, especially from circle of expert kalam. Beliau say, “ If all of you have got the Sunnah Prophet, hence follow and don't all of you look away to take the other opinion.” Because komitmennya follow the sunnah and advocate [it], beliau get the title of Nashir as-Sunnah Wa al-Hadits. There are a lot of atsar [of] about ketidak-sukaan beliau to Expert of Science Kalam, considering difference of manhaj beliau with them. Beliau say, “ Each and everyone conversing ( mutakallim) by steming from Alquran and sunnah, hence its utterance (it) is true, but if from besides both, hence its utterance only mere incubus.” Imam Ahmad say, “ For syafi‘i [of] if have assured by keshahihan a hadits, hence he/she will submit [it]. And best prilaku [is] he/she gone off [is] at all with the science kalam, and more interested to fiqih.” Imam Syafi ‘ i say, “ Nothing that more I hate than science kalam and its expert.” Al-Mazani say, “ Representing madzhab of Imam Syafi‘I hate the workdload in science kalam. Beliau prohibit the us stir in science kalam.” Ketidaksukaan Beliau come up with the storey;level give the religious advices that law for expert of science kalam [is] beated with the date frond, [is] then boosted up to for camel back and dribbled to circle among kabilah-kabilah by announcing that it [is] penalization for one who leave the Alquran and Sunnah and chosen the science kalam.

Pass away the of Imam Syafi’i.

Because his workdload missionize and science disperse, he is suffer from the piles which always release the blood. More and more the its disease llama growing hard till finally he pass away hence. Beliau pass away at Thursday night after shalat Isya’ last day of month;moon of Rajab of year start 204 H in age 54 year. Hopefully Allah pass to His blessing is wide. Ar-Rabi inform that he dream to see the Imam Syafi‘I, hereafter pass away the nya. He say to him, “ What have diperbuat Allah to you, Ya Abu Abdillah?” Beliau reply the, “ Allah seat I am above a gold chair and spread at smooth pearl myself.”

Manhaj Aqidah of Imam asy-Syafi‘, translated [by] buku of Manhaj al-Imam Asy Syafi ‘ i fi Itsbat al-‘Aqidah of masterpiece DR. Muhammad AW al-Aql. 2. Al-Umm, part of muqoddimah matter. 3-33.


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He's early it by bailing it from moslem scholar its town, Mekkah, like Moslem of bin Khalid, Dawud Bin Abdurrahman al-‘Athar, Muhammad Bin Ali bin Syafi’. That right ...I said this tru article

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Imam Syafi'i said, “ If all of you have got the Sunnah Prophet, hence follow and don't all of you look away to take the other opinion.” Because komitmennya follow the sunnah and advocate it.
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