Religious people who multiply yours memory to Allah SWT and praise He morning and afternoon ( Al-Ahzab : 41 ) Mean Ratib. Word Ratib taken away from [by] word of Rotaba Yartubu Rotban Rutuuban or Tarottaba Yatarottabu Tarottuban, meaning remain to or motion less. Become the word Ratib [of] according to Lughot ( its bahasa) meaning [is] sturdy or which remain to. While according to term, Ratib taken away from [by] word of Tartiibul-Harsi Lil-Himaayah ( custody routinely to protect something or somebody ). If a place there [is] army waking up to utilize to protect the society, hence they [is] referred [as] [by] Rutbah, and if waking up one people [is] hence referred [as] [by] Ratib, all moslem scholar have a notion the meaning Ratib [is] corps or gathering of sentence of Al-Qur’An and inveterate circuity kalimat-kailmat dzikir practiced or read [by] by repeatedly as one of way of for the bertaqorrub of ( to drawing near x'self to Allah SWT) Blessing of Ratib Al-Habib Umar Bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthos.
Ratib Habib Umar which dibari of name of Azizul Manl Wafathul Babil Wisol [of] like told by Al-Habib Ali bin Hasan AL-ATTHOS in second buku Al-Qirthos shares [of] first juz “ Ratib Habib Umar represent the highest present from Allah for Islam people [of] [through/ passing] Habib Umar “. know that the big Ratib and sturdy Hizib and pure source, that is Ratib Habib Umar Al-Atthos consisted in in it secret and Light, big benefit, high remarkable benefit [of] its value, and cannot be estimated [by] boundary of strength pemeliharaanya. Al-Habib Ali bin Hasan Al-Atthos tell our sepengetahuan [is] Al-Habib Umar [of] nothing are [in] leaving [it] in the form of ommission secondhand ( like buku or mosque aside from this Ratib ) hence clearly this Ratib [is] diintisabkan to its person [is] direct. As-Sayyid Al-Imam of Jesus of bin Muhammad Al-Habsyi say : “ That often we hear the Al-Habib Umar in pembicaraan-pembicaraanya always mention the excess and this highness Ratib and incoming he said, "many people to it grip about their subsistence narrowness, hence they ordering of reading with the recitation Tauhid after Ratib, they even also practice [it] and Allah Ta’Ala discharge all their difficulty, by the blessing of beliau and Ratibnya. As-Sayid even also say that there is]people trusted by the news it] that he hear from Syeikh Ali bin Abdullah Ba-Ross ( beliau [is] pupil closest double the Khodam Habib Umar ) saying “ I see a buku written there that who did routine to goods read this Ratib [is] expected will be forgiven [by] all its sins”. Adapula Jama’Ah from Al-Mukhtamadun ( what [is] trusted ) they story [of] what they know to hit what is going on for x'self of As-Sayid Alwy bin Alwy bin Abdullah ibn Al-Musawwa , that is last in the year its soul [is] beliau have pilgrimage [to] to town Tarim, Sayid Alwy fall sick the, pain leading into its doom, so that almost be became of at the time, see that circumstance hence Al-Habib Abdullah bin Alwy Al-Haddad say to it “ Wahai Sayid Alwy, know that the ajalmu have it is the time for and no doubt again”. [Is] hence replied by Sayid Alwy “ my wahai Habib Abdullah do’akan [so that/ to be] I earn the postponement old age so that I can until my kerumah [is] town of Amed and having a time to see my children and gather with my family “. [Is] replied by Habib Abdullah bin Alwy Al-Haddad “ Thou multiply to say what said by Al-Habib Umar Al-Atthos in Ratibnya that is : : ( Which is Gentle the most, thou forever so, bland weak to us in all occurence, real [of] Gentle thou the most and takkan change, bland weak to us and clan muslimin ). Say non-stoped until thou arrive your place “. Hence start at the time that Sayid Alwy mengulang-ulangi utterance and beliau say “ At the time I get the healing and leaving for to come home from Tarim at the same time mengulang-ulangi alongside transportation;journey, until I hit town the Amed safely, beliau have time to omit with its family during two months counted from its arrival time at home nya, afterwards pass away to rohmatulloh at home nya.
Al-Habib Ali Hasan Al-Atthos narrate that there is resident one famous orchard with the title “ Al-Mas’Ud” that is one kabilah from kabilah Nawwah, they this own the strong confidence and love the Al-Habib Umar ( Shohibur Ratib ), they also own the habit read the Ratib [of] where even also they reside in, so also their moment descend the mount, good [of] its mans and also its woman, oppositely;also the inclusive of their children even also partake to read [it], and myself have decreased their ketempat and I see most they knock by heart [it] outside head, real correct [of] its circumstance like what yaang submitted/sent and that dicertitakan people to me. Later;Then there [is] also informing me that, [at] my visit time [is] kedusun Al-Mas’Ud just they will be attacked by their enemy from other orchard with the big amount, and they ( Al-Mas’Ud) [do] not the conscious of that threat and they remain to with their habit that is nightly read this Ratib, and one night, there [is] peeping them, some spy people from that enemy party, to pay attention to the that circumstance AL-MAS’UD and local situation, at the (time) of that reconnaissance [is] they hear the resident Al-Mas’Ud [is] reading : ( By the name of our Allah [is] believe with the religious whom and Allah with the Allah nothing that require to frighten of ). Hearing that one or the other from that spy, and seemingly its dialah chief, hence he/she say to its coveys :” I pity to all of you ( that is its own coveys ) if you disturb the them you [by] xself to perish, later;then he/she say again to its friends : “ you don't bother again they that permanently”, they even also then return to their entourage and cancel their plan from the beginning.
Really summarized article do not able to lay open the especial kemulian and also Ratib Al-Habib Umar Al-Attos which wide so and so in only we wish to take the benediction from Al-Habib Umar bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthos hopefully we earn this Ratib and hopefully we are [in] collecting with beliau rhm and also people who love and loved [by] the beliau rhm. Amien. Source : “ Kitab of Al-Qirthas Lil-Habib Ali bin Hasan Al-Atthos” Mean Ratib. Word Ratib have a lot of erti. Ratib intended here come from word ( rattaba) bererti arrange or compile the. Ratib [is] something that lapped over, regular elegantly nya. Pray the sunnah Rawatib [is] [among/between] praying sunnah practiced [at] certain time by Prophet s.a.w. Ratib Al-Attas contain the recitation, sentence of al-Quran and prayer which have ready lapped over by al-Habib Umar bin Abdul Rahman al-Attas which [is] also read [at] certain time. Term Ratib used [by] kebanyakkannya [in] country Hadhramaut in mentioning recitations which short usually with the number of kiraan recitation which is a few/little ( like 3, 7, 10, 11 and 40 times), like practiced and read [at] certain time [of] iaitu once when morning and once when night. There are Ratib al-Haddad, Ratib Al-Aidrus, Ratib Al-Muhdhor and others. Ratib. Say the sebilangan of moslem scholar of expert salaf, [among/between] especial [of] this ratib for the man who remain to practice [it], [is] lengthened [by] a age, getting Husnul-Khatimah, taking care of all its property [in] sea and under the sun and ever stay in the Allah protection. For the man who have the certain intention, reading ratib at one particular empty place by berwuduk, mengadap direction and intend what its will;desire, Effective Insya-Allah [of] Allah. All salaf say he very mujarrab in submitting all request [of] if reading of as much 41 times. [Among/Between] this excess ratib [is], he take care of its house and its 40 neighbour house from fire, burglary and incured [by] magic. As-Syeikh Ali Baras say: “ If read in a[n kampong or a[n place, he pacify its expert like taken care of by 70 warrior which bekuda. This Ratib contain the worthwhile rahsia-rahsia. Those who remain to practice [it] its Sin Allah pardon will although as much effervescence [in] sea.” [Is] for the man who incured [by] a magic and read the ratib, Insya-Allah saved [by] Allah by the Asthma blessing’ Allah, sentence of al-Quran and deed of Prophet of Muhammad s.a.w. Al-Habib Husein bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Mohsen bin Husein al-Attas say: “ Those who practice the ratib and pecked [by] snake nescaya will not be happened [by] the something [of] [at] x'self. For one who fear the nescaya will safe from all daunted. Have there [is] a attacked by 15 thief people and he/she safe.” Have come one corps bring suit as respects to those who [is] encircled [by] the enemy. Al-Habib Husein order they read the ratib and beliau guarantee their Insya-Allah will safe. There [is] a kampong which quite sure by Habib [is] Umar Al-Attas and [do] not omit in reading ratibnya. Small, big, young and old each;every their night read the ratib troop strong by ear. that Kampong coincidence have the enemy which will groan the them. this Enemy corps pass a peeper to look for the their rahsia place [is] assailable so that.
Coincidence of when the peeper come stealth [is] they [is] reading ratib and until to recitation: Ertinya: By the name of Allah, we believe to who did goods and Allah [is] believe to Allah of[is no fearing for him[s! Hearing the no fearing for him[s, and repeated until thrice, the peeper non-stoped to become to fear and back then tell its peoples what he/she hear and they [do] not become to groan. Hence as safe as that kampong. Name Ratib. this Ratib Al-Habib Umar bin Abdurrahman have a lot of name. [Among/Between] nya [is]: Ertinya: Something that difficult to obtain;get and key for link door to Allah. This Name selected by al-Habib Muhammad bin Salem al-Attas [of] if compiling Ratib al-Habib Umar in Arab Ianguage, Malay And Tamil. Ertinya: firm Citadel. Ertinya: red Brimstone. One term for interpreteng something object which very worth which difficult to discover [at] goods of time or place. Ertinya: Extract [of] all recitation. Ertinya: Magnet Rahsia-Rahsia for the man who remain to practice [it] when night and day. Ertinya: Bargainer for poison which mujarrab. According to word of al-Habib Husein bin Abdullah al-Attas, this name [is] named by its teacher [is] al-Habib Ahmad bin Hasan [of] if explaining excess of Ratib al-Habib Umar. Ertinya: Source of Attainment and key for link door to Allah. This Name only there are [in] Tajul A’Ras by al-Habib Ali bin Husein explaining bahawa in buku al-Qirtas which beliau perolehi written [by] name of Ratib al-Attas as Manhal al-Manal and [do] not Azizul Manal.
History Ratib
This Ratib is composed by al-Habib Umar bin Abdurrahman al-Attas and now age have about 400 year. This Ratib so that nowadays a lot of read in nations as in African of[is inclusive of Darussalam, Mombassa And South arch African. Also in England, Burmese ( Myanmar), India And Arab nations. [In] African he [is] propagated by pupil of al-Habib Ahmad bin Hasan [of] like Celebrated al-Habib Ahmad [of] al-Haddad and others. [In] India, Kemboja and Burmese by al-
Habib Abdullah bin Alawi al-Attas.
So that now corps of ratib al-Habib Umar or Zawiyah still be practiced [in] Rangoon and [in] some area [in] Burmese. But them more famous over there by Tariqah [is] al-Attasiyah. This Ratib have old reach the Malaya, Singapura, Brunei And Indonesia. [Among/Between] this boldness ratib published in Malay [in] Singapura [is] a so called small buku [of] Fathu Rabbin-Nas composed by al-Habib Husein bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Mohsen bin Husein al-Attas. Tarikh finish this composition [is] [at] morning Jumaat 20hb Jumadil [of] Early 1342 ( 20hb Disember 1923). He [is] published with the expenditure of C.H Kizar Muhammad Ain Company of distributor of cloth pelekat stamp the kerusi which have mother [to] [of] functionary [in] Madras, India and printed by Qalam Singapura.
In the year 1939, al-Habib Muhammad bin Salim al-Attas have published a so called buku [of] Miftahul Imdad printed [in] Matbaah al-Huda [in] Island Propose marriage to. This Buku contain the wirid-wirid of grandfather of beliau al-Habib Ahmad bin Hasan al-Attas [of] but there are also ratib al-habib Umar bin Abdurrahman al-Attas in it. Following al-Habib Muhammad bin Salem al-Attas, al-Habib Hasan bin Ahmad al-Attas at one particular a period of/to ahead have printed the Ratib al-Attas non-stop [his/its] printing office [is] Mutaaba’ah Al-Attas ( Al-Attas Press) what its functionary located in Wadi Hasan, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This Printing office look alive [in] Johor [of] [at] about year 1927. Time read the Ratib al-Attas. [Is] mentioned in buku al-Qirtas: “ Have come to the tradition to all our doyen, specially tradition from al-Habib Husein bin Umar read the Ratib al-Attas [is] after solat Isya’. That Habit [is] [done/conducted] by Habib Husein therewith its followers by generations except in Ramadhan. As for in that Ramadhan reading ratib [is] read [by] before solat Isya’. But for which fond of to recitate a lot read the this ratib al-Attas [in] morning time and [in] evening time, cause [of] among sentence which recitate there [is] recitations which disunnahkan to read [it] [in] morning time and [in] evening time [of] like as described in hadis-hadis of Prophet s.a.w. [Is] told by Habib Ali bin Hasan al-Attas in buku of al-Qirtas bahawa Habib Umar like to read the ratibnya by rahsia noiselessly, cause beliau wish the that reading ratibnya [is] more impressing [in] liver reading [it] and more candid because Allah. That Matter as according to firman Allah: : “ And mention the ( your nama) The infinite at heart by demeaning and have cold feet, and with [do] not harden voice, [in] morning time and afternoon, and you don't the inclusive of people who of lalai”.(Al A’Raf: 205) And firman Allah: : “ And as simple as you in walking and mellow your voice. In fact seburuk-buruk voice [is] ass voice”. : ( Luqman: 19) If this ratib al-Attas [is] read [by] by teaming, hence shall be read by ear which is the no too ossify and no too slow, as according to firman Allah: : “ And you don't harden your voice in solatmu and don't also always debase [it] and look for the a middle course of among both”. ( Al-Isra’: 110) Ratib Habib Umar. Ratib Habib Umar called by Azizul Manal Wa Fathu of Chapter al-Wisol of like told by Habib Ali bin Hasan al-Attas in second buku al-Qirtas shares of first juz: “ Ratib Habib Umar represent the highest present from Allah for Islam people pass the Habib Umar.” costliest Ommission Beliau only ratib which beliau leave for this people.
Ratib Habib Umar represent the wirid which is a lot of conduciving to benefit for reading [it] each;every time, especially for which [is] facing difficulty. Al-Habib of Jesus of bin Muhammad al-Habsyi tell the bahawa Habib Umar [of] a lot of mentioning will be especial of this ratib. Have been mentioned by]when there is a group of people come to Habib Umar complain the difficulty of seeking and duration of dry season befalling to them during some times. They [is] governed to read the Ratib beliau and dzikir Tauhid. After they do it, hence by the that reading blessing, Allah give the broadness live for them. According To Syeikh Ali Baras, if Ratib Habib Umar read off by for resident of a[n countryside or for a[n family, hence that countryside or that family will be looked after by Allah by peliharaan is which very tighten. Hereinafter Syeikh Ali say: “ Have confessed told a story by some people [of] bahawa [of] when they fear to face to rob to rob their house, hence they read the Ratib Habib Umar so that their house do not reaching be robed by that robber clan though their amount as much 15 people”. I
s plucked from: Excess Ratib: Huraian Ratib al-Habib Umar bin Abdul Rahman al-Attas, by Syed Hassan bin Muhammad al-Attas, Mosque of Ba’Alwi Singapura, derivative of Hamid of Offset Service.


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Really summarized article do not able to lay open the especial karomah and also Ratib Al-Habib Umar Al-Attos which wide so and so in only we wish to take the benediction from Al-Habib Umar bin Abdurrahman Al-Atthos hopefully we earn this Ratib and hopefully we are in collecting with him rhm and also people who love and loved by him rhm. Amien

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Ratib intended here come from word ( rattaba) I always read this Rotibafter Magharib prayer. I kike this article ustad.