Story collected hit the excess Wiridul Latif , is Have said the Habib Abu Bakar the bin Abdullah Al-Jufri residing in Seiwun ( Hadhramaut): “ At one particular a period of a contingent us is going to Makkah to give or obtain cash for the Haji, our ark is agrounded cannot continue its transportation;journey is because of there no wind refusing it. Hence we anchor in a coast, last is we fill in the gerbah-gerbah ( place fill the made water from husk) we are with the water, and we even also leave to walk the day and night, our kerana hesitate the under developed of Haji. In a stop, we try drink the water in that gerbah and we discover the brackish airnya and masin, last is we pass that. We sit do not know what must will be made.In the following its reading of Wiridul Lathif :

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