Syeikh Muhammad Bahauddin An Naqsabandiy RA


Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin An Naqsabandiy Ra. Is a celebrated Sponsor Qutub borne in the year 717 in countryside Qoshrul ‘ Arifan, Bukhara, Russia He is founder of Thoriqoh Naqsyabandiyah a very famous thoriqoh with the follower until millions of jama’ah and gone the round of to Indonesia till moment of ini.Syekh Muhammmad of Indonesian Chinese father of ace Samasiy [is] teacher first time from Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin Ra. what have known previously about will born the somebody nya to become the the big noise, good grand and excellency beside Allah Swt. and also before fellow being [in] countryside of Qoshrul Arifan which is none other than Sheikh Bahauddin. In upbringing, didikan and training from Sheikh of Muhammad [of] Indonesian Chinese father [of] this is Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin reach the efficacy in drawing near x'self to Allah Swt. until Sheikh of Muhammad [of] Indonesian Chinese father award [it] a “ cap of escrow of al Azizan” making its goals to [be] nearer and wusul to Allah Swt. progressively mount and increase the strength. Till at one time, Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin Ra. executing sholat lail [in] Mosque. In one of sujudnya of liver beliau vibrate with the very cooling vibration felt to [by] attend before Allah ( tadhoru’). That moment [is] beliau berdo’a, “ Yes Allah give I strength to accept the army’ and cobaanya mahabbbah ( love to Allah)”. After at dawn, Sheikh of Muhammad [of] Indonesian Chinese father which (it) is true a waliyullah which kasyaf ( knowing which ghoib and to be happened) saying to Sheikh Bahauddin, “ You better in berdo’a like this, “ Yes Allah give I am any kind of which Thou ridloi”. Because Allah [do] not ridlo [of] if His slave [is] incured [by] a army’ and if giving temptation, hence also give the strength and give the kepahaman to hikmahnya”. After the time/date of that Sheikh Bahauddin oftentimes berdo’a
He Can Animate and Kill People. At one particular day of Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin ra. with one or the other so called crony [of] Muhammad Zahid go to Desert by bringing hoe. Later;Then there [is] matter obliging [it] to throw away the the hoe. Then converse about ma’rifat come in discussion [of] about ubudiyah “ Lha [of] if now our discussion until like this kan mean have until degree which is if telling to friend, die, hence will fall dead”. Then without intending Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin say to Muhammad Zahid, “ die the you!, In a second dead Muhammad Zahid from morning until time dhuhur. See the [the] mentioned of Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin Ra. becoming muzziness, and surely seeing dead body its friend [is] changed incured [by] a sun heat. Sudden there [is] inspire the “ He, Muhammad, say the ahyi ( live the you). Later;Then Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin Ra. saying ahyi as much 3 times, moment [of] that's seen [by] dead body of Muhammad Zahid start to make a move little by little till return like from the beginning. This [is] experience first time Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin Ra. and indicating that beliau [is] a very effective Sponsor [of] do’anya. Sheikh Tajuddin [of] one of santri of Sheikh of Muhammad Bahauddin Ra say, “ When I [is] ordered [by] guruku, from Qoshrul ‘ Arifan [go] to the Bukhara which its distance only my one post run by leaps and by bounds, because I walk [is] at the same time flown on the air. At one time my moment [is] flown to Bukhara, [is] on the way flown the [is] I come in contact with the guruku. That Semenjak [is] my strength to be flown [in] abstracting by Syeikh Muhammad Bahauddin Ra, and in a second I cannot be flown to date”. Say the Afif ad Dikaroniy, “ At one particular my day have [is] pilgrimage [to] to Syeikh Muhammad Bahauddin Ra. Last there [is] one who menjelek-jelekkan beliau. I warn, you don't say bad to
he teach that : One of door most importantly go to the Allah Presence [is] eating wittingly. Food give the strength for body, and eat wittingly give the chastity for body. In a moment beliau invited to a so called town [of] Ghaziat whereabout one or the other its pupil have prepared the food for him[s. When they sit to eat the, beliau [do] not touch its food. Host become surpriseded. Syeikh Naqsybandi say the, “ Wahai Anakku, I like to know how thou prepare this food. Since thou make the dough and cook [it] until thou present [it], thou stay in the angry circumstance. food In mixed with that enragement. If we eat that food, Devil will find the road;street to enter [through/ passing] [it] and propagate entire/all its vice to entire/all our body.” [In] other time [of] beliau invited to town Herat by its king, King Hussain. King Hussain very like with the visit of Syeikh Naqsybandi and give the big party for him[s. King invite all [his/its] minister, Syeikh-Syeikh from its empire and entire/all respectable figure. Beliau say, “ Eat this food. [Is] [is] pure food, what [is] made of [by] a lawful money [is] which I earn from heritage ayahku.” Everybody eat except Syeikh Naqsybandi, this matter push the Syeikh ul-Islam at that moment, Qutb Ad-Din, for the bertanya,”Wahai of our Syeikh, why thou [do] not eat the?” Syeikh Naqsybandi say, “ I have a My place judge consult. I enquire to it and that judge say to me, “ Wahai Anakku, concerning this food there are two possibility. If this food [is] ill gotten and thou [do] not eat, if/when thou of ditanya thou can tell I come to desk [of] a king [of] but Me [do] not eat. Hence thou will safe because thou [do] not eat. But if/when thou eat and thou ditanya, hence what you will tell? Hence thou will not that selamat.”Pada moment, Qutb Ad-Din so impress with this words and its body start to vibrate the. Beliau have to request permit to king to discontinue to eat the nya. King very surprised and enquire, “ What having to us [do/conduct] with all this food?” Syeikh Naqsybandi say, “ If there [is] doubt [of] concerning this food chastity, [is] better pass to the impecunious fakir. Their requirement ( of makanan-red) will make lawful [it] for them. If such as those which thou tell, this food [is] lawful, hence will be more a lot of again benediction in this food gift as alms to them requiring than menjamu [of] people who [do] not
Pass away of Sheikh Muhammad Bahauddin An Naqsabandiy Ra
He's pass away on night Sunday, 3 Rabiul-Awal year 791 Hijriyah ( 1388 M). beliau buried [in] its house page;yard as request beliau. Router of King Bukhara take care of the madrasah and its mosque, extending and improving waqafnya. Abdul Wahhab asy-Sya'arani, a Pole Spiritual [in] a period of/to nya tell, When Syeikh entombed [in] its mausoleum, a heaven door open to nya, making its mausoleum as garden from Heaven. Two beautiful creature spiritual visit upon [it] and give [it] greet and say to it, “ Since Allah SWT create the us hitherto, we have awaited in this time to serve the thou.” Beliau say to second [of] this creature spiritual, “ I [do] not look away to the other [of] except to -Nya. I [do] not require all of you but I require my The infinite.” Syeikh Naqsybandiy leave a lot of router, what most respectable among them [is] Syeikh Muhammad bin Muhammad Alauddin al-Khwarazmi al-Bukhari al-Attar and Syeikh Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Mahmoud al-Hafizi, what [is] known as [by] Muhammad Parsa, writer of Brochure Qudsiyyah. To first [of] Syeikh Naqsybandiy continue the secret from Gold Link.
Ya Allah, pouring and overflowing keridhoan for nya and award the us with the secret which Thou keep at, Amen.


asminatul said...

Subhanallah...He Can Animate and Kill People. I like this karomah ..thank ustad for your article

bangilan said...

He teach that : One of door most importantly go to the Allah Presence is eating wittingly. Food give the strength for body, and eat wittingly give the chastity for body. Subhanalloh...It's the good article mr.