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Name wholy is Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad Al Ghazali. Its Title is Hujjatul of Islam of Zainudin Ath-Thusi. When middle clan muslimin in knocking over doubt and each other distrust , in the year 450 H just with the year 1057 M in countryside of Ghazalah of town Thus, Iran,His born of a child which later on day will grow to become a big belief which can cling to return all dissolution of among Islam people and firm up the them. He is Al-Ghazali. A choice slave representing one part of from benefaction which is in carpeting Allah SWT on this earth. He supposing a pelita enlightening world islam which that moment start to fade. progressively expand it way of thinking human being, people islam become the glassware and in religion islam expand assorted of stream.
Passing Imam of Ghazali of Allah SWT unite again people islam in one absolute belief basin to the The most Creator. He's get the nickname Al-Ghazali as according to place name its birth that is Ghazalah. He born in the middle of obedient family believe in. Its father a shalih and like the to have alms. He [do] not eat except from its own effort result. Its living is fleece and sell in shop. When feeling its doom have near by. He entrust second of its child is al-Ghazali and its brother, Ahmad to its crony, a generous sufi. He say to its crony, “ I really regret once for to the number of science which not yet confessed to learn. Therefore I wish second [of] anakku obtain;get what first I do not get. Become to teach the them and thou may use all my ommission to they are.” ” When he pass away, its crony start to teach second of its child very seriously to the last nya used up second parent ommission of that child is which is few it is true its amount. And he difficulty to defray the them or give the requirement eat they “ Know, I maintenace have to all of you what have become the property all of you. Therefore, enter the kesebuah madrasah [of] because all of you the inclusive of all science prosecutor. By that all of you will obtain;get the stock which can answer the demand the requirement all of you”. Both of them follow advice that and enter them in madrasah which (it) is true provide the bursary to all science prosecutor which unable to. For that matter [is] Al-Ghazali say,” We have searched the science [do] not because Allah, but that science oppositely;also push the us to learn because Allah”. Father Al-Ghazali often meet all moslem scholar and gather with them berkhidmad and give the infaq to them able to. If he hear their utterance [is] he weep and bow. He request to Allah [of] [so that/ to be] [in] giving child which sholeh and become pious like them. Finally Allah grant the doanya . Second [of] its child become the moslem scholar which shalih practicing its charitable by istiqomah. most intelligent Famous Al-Ghazali among its coveys and prominent all [his/its] contemporary moslem scholar. [For a] while its sister/brother [is] which Ahmad [is] candid seoarang speaker. Stoney will become to soften when hearing its commemoration and all present even also khusyu’ and weep [in] ceremony dzikirnya.
Searching Science and Missionize. At]its tender age is Al-Ghazali learn the fiqih to Ahmad bin Muhammad Ar-Radzkani, a big moslem scholar [in] its birth orchard. [At] its educational yearss he utilize the time as well as possible, trying as maximum to master all its Iesson items, he note all its teacher utterance. Later;Then after he master a lot of science from its teacher, he go to Jurjan to learn to Dusty so called big moslem scholar [of] Nashr Ismail. Last [is] he continue its adventure to Naisabur. There he learn a lot of science branch from a moslem scholar [of] tersohor with the epithet of Imam Al-Haramain that is Abdul Ma’Ali Al-Juwaini. He learn seriously – really till master the the ins and outs madzhab, Ikhtilaf, debate and logic. Over there he/she also learn the tasawwuf to Dusty Syaikh [of] Ali Al Fadhl Ibnu Muhammad Ibnu Ali Farmadi. He even also learn to strike light and philosophy and also master the opinion [of] all expert in the field of the science, so that he can oppose and expostulate the opinion those who influence the Islam society. Karamah. At one particular day [of] when he go out with an eye to deepen its theology [at] a moslem scholar [of] outside Iesson clock, sudden emerge some armed robber sharply discontinue the step Al-Ghazali.
Crudely one or the other of robber grab the pack which is [in] bringing Al-Ghazali. Hence intersperse the the pack content [is] which is the no other [is] Iesson buku and its jotters. All that robber [is] surprise, they estimate the the pack contain the money and clothes. [In] Naisabur of intelectuality Al-Ghazali start to shine he [do] not only learn, but also start to teach and active write various science area with the very good method and formation. After its teacher [is] imam of Al Haramain pass away, he leave the Naisabur [go] to the Al-Askar and come in contact with the prime minister of Nidzham Al-Malik. Disitu he often discuse with the notable moslem scholar in ceremony. They admire its opinions and confess [his/its] especial. All moslem scholar always greet [it] by ta’dzhim. In the year 484 H / 1068 M, he [is] trusted to teach [in] college An-Nidzhomiyah [in] Baghdad. This squire [it] to dimiciling glory. He [is] visited upon [by] many people [in] its ceremony, [is] heard [by] its utterance, and respected, so that he can defeat the dignity of leaders and prime minister. everybody Ta’Jub will the beauty [of] saying he/she said, the gift of the gab its talking, deepness of her horizon and its signal accuracy. He study the science and propagate [it] [through/ passing] instruction, religious advices gift, and write. He own to domicile the glory and occupy the high position, [is] so that said that [by] ceremony of Imam Al-Ghazali [is] it is said attended [by] 300 big moslem scholar. Its utterance [is] heard at all points, he are famous [of] its name. He become the byword and they love [it]. But Al-Ghazali disregard all that respect because worrying dishonest x'self because Allah. He feel the restlessness in its soul. Life easiness which abundance oppositely;also make [it] pain, x'self terombang – ambing look for the real truth and endless bliss. that Guncangan Soul [is] started [by] when its natural existence ask around, whether/what in fact that real science, whether/what reachable with the pentameter indra or with the mind? To place forward the its liver distortion, Al-Ghazali have time to discontinue entire/all aktifitasnya. To the last nya Allah light enlighten the liver, soul and raganya, so that he able to go out from doubt. Tasawuf [of] that's new road;street assumed precisely to reply the question for the shake of question disturbing its liver [is] such as those which writed [at] its buku [is] Ihya Ulumuddin.
Journey Spiritual.
Later;Then he leave the Baghdad with all kemewaham and its popularity [go] to the Damaskus, Syiria, to find the calmness and genuity in live. He experience the life zuhud, riyadhat, mujahadah, cleaning x'self and sanctify the liver by dzikir to Allah SWT. He ber’itikaf multiply religious service [in] tower of mosque Umawi. A few moment later he migrate to Palestinian intend will berkhalwat [in] Qubbatus Sakhrah. Bermunajat to Allah SWT, all dome door locked till nothing;there is no satupun can bother [it]. Later;Then he have pilgrimage [to] to Mausoleum of Prophet of Ibrahim ACE then [go] to the Hijaz for the religious service of haji and pilgrimage of mausoleum of Rasulullah SAW. During [in] that transportation;journey, x'self more avoiding [of] world, hence patch up clothes, a few/little eating and drink, fighting its passion atmosphere, bermujahadah [is] such as those which [done/conducted] [by] former people shalih and multiply the barbagai [of] kinds of religious service and adherence. That midst [is] he charcoal of buku of Ihya Ulumuddin as result from its contemplation, mujahadahnya and berdzikirnya to Allah SWT. afterwards he go to Iskandariyah, Egypt. After a few times he [is] re-asked lead the teacher An – Nidzomiyyah. Hence return he is to Baghdad.Namun [of] because its liver have the full (of) love to Allah and avoid the world, he [do] not forbear staying omit llama [in] town which is the full (of) that shimmer. Later;Then he return to Thus and found madrasah as institute to deepen the theology specially tasawwuf. He divide its time for the menghatamkan of Al-Quran, discusing with the other;dissimilar moslem scholar, advise and guide [of] [at] others [is] at the same time non-stoped [by] bermujahadah execute the sholat sunnah, fast and religious service lainya. Pass away of Imam Ghazali. Beliau pass away [in] town Thus on Monday, [at] Final Jumadil 505 H / 1111 M, [at] age 55 year. Dusty [of] Al-Faraj Al-Jauzi in its buku [is] Ats-Tsabat’indal Mamat, saying that sister/brother of Imam Al-Ghazali, Ahmad say “ on at dawn Monday my sister [is] Al-Ghazali Berwudhu and sholat , then say, taking for the ku of winding sheet. He say “ I hear and I meekly to meet the Al-Malik.” Later;Then he stick out its foot/feet and face the qiblat. Do not be old [is] he pass away before sunset. Hopefully Allah SWT sanctify the ruh beliau and Hopefully Allah SWT always meridhoinya and give us all benefit with the nya. Allahumma Amen. Insya’ Allah in this note will be conversed by how famous Imam al-Ghazali rd as mujaddid of century ke-lima Migrate or second century [of] that compassion Masihi fight for to domicile the tasawwuf so that he become the unshakeable Islam science domicile [it] in senarai of Islam science which muktabar, and also deed tasawwuf become the deed which [is] very respected [by] as pure spirituality dimension [of] Islam of have Pivot [to] of al-Qur’an and Sunnah. He purify the tasawwuf [of] than elements damaging its perity. [Among/Between] [his/its] most real [is] as which beliau elaborate in “ its spirituality manifesto” [is] glorious that is Ihya’ ‘ Very Ulumi’D-Din [of] that popular. Dimiciling glorious beliau in this ummat [is] clear if/when beliau confessed [by] as mujaddid [of] [at] its epoch, without conflicted again, [is] same as ‘ Umar Ibn ‘ Abd Al-‘Aziz and Imam Shafi’I for the epoch of their each, as expressed by Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Its biography shortly* Before than conversed [by] a conversed [by] exquisite other;dissimilar case [of] its biography shortly to give the picture with reference to nature whereabout beliau borne and that prima facie growth peribadinya. Beliau [is] Dusty [of] famous Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Ta’Us Ahmad al-Tusi al-Shafi’I in general nya by the name of al-Ghazali, what [is] borne [at] 450 Hejira / 1058 Masihi [in] Tabaran, one than two small town [in] Tus, now in area Meshed [in] Khurasan. Beliau [of] rather than moslem scholar which first tersohor in its family, its becouse you grandfather Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali ( men.435 H / 1043 M) representing expert of science of kalam and famous expert fiqh; possible this beliau become the example [of] [of] ikutan for young people [is] which that high berhemah. Since early again beliau blown to influence of deed and science tasawwuf, its my father a doing a good deed with the very devout deed tasawwuf, following report al-Subki, [is] so that told [by] he only eat from result of[is effort [his] arms [by] xself, and beliau always along with those who are pious. that motherless Imam Ghazali rh educated by sufi becoming its my father friend, once with its you [is] Ahmad. its Semenjak Childhood [is] imam Al-Ghazali learn the science of kalam and fiqh, its beginnings in small town [is] its birth by Shaikh [is] Ahmad Ibn Muhammad al-Radhkhani al-Tusi, later;then beliau go to continue its aji [in] Jurjan [of] below/under dusty didikan Imam [of] Nasr Al-Isma’Ili. Ibn ‘ Asakir mention the bahawa of Imam al-Ghazali take the science [of] about hadith al-Bukhari [of] than Ash of Sahl Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Hafsi, and [among/between] other syaikh-syaikhnya in science hadith [is] Nasr ibn ‘ Ali Ibn Ahmad al-Hakimi al-Tusi, ‘ Abd of Allah of ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Khawari, and Muhammad ibn Yahya ibn Muhammad ibn Suja’I al-Zawzani and so on. Time inbound from Jurjan there [is] interesting story about this Imam gyrating how beliau dirompak. If/When all that pirate leave [it], beliau follow the them, but beliau given [by] the warning in order not to follow the them that except that beliau of death. Last [of] beliau ask by the name of Allah [is] so that returned [by] the paper containing its catitan-catitan Iesson [is] there is no kerana paper utilize the nya to they are. If/When ditanya [of] about paper [of] what there [is] in that beg [is] beliau reply that bahawa contain the its catitancatitan science heard [it] which kerananya beliau far wander. That pirate [is] ketawa and enquire “ how you obtain;get their science if/when we take that paper hence you is not bookish again”. This a[n bizzare go into effect. However catitan-catitannya re-delivered. If beliau return to that free Tus, imam al-Ghazali take a period of/to three year memorize all catitan-catitan that learned. After beliau return from Jurjan and reside in the Tus make some times, possible [in] at the present time [of] beliau learn the tasawwuf [of] below/under Shaikh Yusuf al-Nassaj and possible also [do/conduct] the practice kesufian. Time old age the more or less twenty year beliau go to continue its Iesson to College Nizamiyyah [in] Nishapur to learn to Dusty Imam al-Haramain iaitu [of] al-Ma’ali al-Juwaini, representing fourthly generation teacher from Imam al-Ash’ari [by] xself in that akidah Imam teaching. In that academy [is] beliau learn the science [of] like suggestion al-din, fiqh, philosophy, logik, science of science tabi’I, tasawwuf and other. imam Al-Haramain give to all student of freedom of berfikir and freedom [release] their opinion, and they [is] emboldened in taking part in debate and conference [of] about all sort of problem type faced. In debate by rakan-rakannya [is] imam Al-Ghazali show the wide ability berfikir and sharply, and he have the high ability in eloquence berhujah [is] this one proven later;then [his/its] in its articles like Tahafut al-Falasifah.
After a few times nya beliau [of] having a time to lecture to rakan-rakannya, and make the writing. Beliau represent a which berfikir by kritilal and free independence the; time beliau become student [in] Nizamiyyah [in] Nishapur beliau feel is not complacent with the hold owned, and free the x'self [of] than way of bertaklid eye in religion hold. Time [in] Nishapur beliau become the pupil to moslem scholar dusty sufi ‘ Ali Al-Fadl ibn Muhammad ibn ‘ Ali Al-Farmadhi; than teacher sufi [of] this is beliau [of] more amount of learning science with reference to knowledge and deed kesufian. Al-Farmadhi Itself [is] pupil to your bapa [is] beliau [by] xself as well as pupil al-Qushairi ( men.465 / 1074) that famous. Beliau practice also tight deed kezahidan below/under this tuition beliau; as mentioned by beliau [by] xself its circumstance is not to phase may get the pure inspiration ‘ from high nature”. At that time also beliau dissatisfy liver with the opinion in philosophy that faced the inclusive of what accepted by otoriti in contact with suggestion al-din. Pressure in tasawwuf [of] about [relation/link] which close and amicable with God make the this especial imam [is] more is not complacent again by huraian [is] philosophy in that suggestion al-din. Al-Farmadhi die in the year 477 / 1074 M and Imam al-Haramain die [in] year 478 H / 1085 M. At that time Imam al-Ghazali old age twenty lapan year; ianya still very energetic, and its name [is] celebrated in Islam nature. Beliau go to palace of Nizam al-Mulk wazir Malikshah ( governing at that time 465 H / 1072-485 H / 1092 M) and stay in the circle [of] all expert of science of kalam and fuqaha [in] that palace beliau. that Nizam Al-Mulk a wazir giving galakan to science growth, science, sastera, and accumulate around all moslem scholar famous and ilmiawan and have the circumstantial science. Ordinary Beliau perform [a] the erudite majlis-majlis conference and al-Ghazali get its name [is] famous [of] its kerana debate ability [is] very good. science Al-Ghazali with reference to fiqh, propose the al-din, and philosophy [is] in such a way admired by Nizam al-Mulk so that beliau constituted [by] as professor Propose al-Din [in] that Nizamiyyah ( ground in the year 458–460 H / 1065-67 M) [in] Baghdad in the year 484H / 1091M. At that time beliau old age three puluh four year. This represent the dignity which high in such a way [in] Islam nature, and that beliau [is] lifted to post which in such a way time old age young in such a way, what others have never constituted to post in such a way time have nut [to] as young as that. Glorious Beliau in such a way as professor [in] that Academy; kuliahnya which very bright in such a way and its science deepness and also clarity huraiannya draw crowded progressively all student or hearer to it, inclusive of them from circle [of] all famous master [in] that epoch. Immediately nya their multitude [is] mengiktirafi the gift of the gab, knowledge deepness, and ability beliau as science speaker, and later;then [his/its] beliau estimated [by] as expert propose the glorious al-din in tradition Asha’Irah. Hence beliau asked [by] advice in religious case and siasah and beliau generate the proportionate director with the highest state officer influence. Beliau reach the highest feather in one's cap as moslem scholar seen from mundane facet [of] lahiriahnya, but from its mind facet [is] beliau beginning experience of the crisis of intelektuil and spirituality which circumstantial very. Feel its[his] doubtful and questioning all existing case ahead its[his] [at] beliau beginning generate the x'self from the beginning and beliau behave the kritikal to Iesson spy taught own. Beliau feel the blankness in huraian-huraian which is in the form of contrivances [of] among all fuqaha. system Huraian [of] among expert of science kalam [do] not represent the confidence in science and intelektuilnya.
He oppose the huraian those who give the abundant emphasis about case doktrinal, such kerana bring the religion become the environment of system ortodoksi and in the form of as only [shallow/ superficial] soal-jawab; quarrel [of] among all mutakalimun in the form of perakara-perkara soal-jawab [of] about religion hold which is [there] no [relation/link] as real correct as with the human life with its religion. Again beliau of x'self heap to research [of] about philosophy by bersungguhsungguh and totally, and beliau discover the bahawa of hold and confidence may not be constructed [by] for opinion solely. Mind there [is] its role [at] certain phase, but finally Last Truth (it) is true may not be reached with the mind fikiran. By menyedari about opinion boundaries in contact with theology, beliau stay in to feel doubtful with reference to last hold and science [of] beliau feel the its soul peace [do] not and its liver. Beliau feel the beliau stay in to domicile which [do] not as real correct as. Finally beliau get the kesedaran bahawa road;street which in fact [is] walke the tasawwuf bringing human being to truth which in fact [through/ passing] experience rohaniah which sahih. Beliau Telahpun learn the science tasawwuf theoretically and even there [is] also [do/conduct] its deeds; but beliau [of] not to mention mara into its experience . But like this entangle the beliau leave the very bright erudite kerjaya and domicile mundane [is] which is high in such a way that. Beliau felt also runtunan to get the fame and x'self greatness in life. But runtunan to look for the truth too very its strength. Beliau feel the bahawa beliau need the confidence which remain to [at] hold, what [is] strenghtened again with its opinion about lethal arrival. Beliau stay in the conflict of opinion and feeling in such a way during six-month [of] duration start from Rajab 488H/ Julai 1095. He become the its merusut kesihatan body and its opinion also [is] very annoyed; appetite eat the nya and penghadamannya lose until no more suaranyapun. Hence like for him[s to discharge its post as last professor [is] he leave the town Baghdad [of] [at] month;moon dhul-Qa’idah 488 H/ November 1095 M, bornedly it[him] beliau show the bahawa beliau medium will give or obtain cash for the fardhu haji; beliau ask its you [is] Ahmad change [it] give the instruction to crowded people in a period of/to [his/its] going; in fact beliau run the ‘ uzlah as taught by all moslem scholar [of] sufi for the shake of to reach the peacefulness of fikiran and liver and also safety for the rohnya of [by] xself. Beliau Alms [of] all its property estae but certain part entrusted for the expenditure of its family, later;then beliau drived on to Syria. During two year of duration beliau stay in the ‘ uzlah ( year 488 H / 1095 M ) [in] wrong a than tower of mosque Umayyah [in] Damsyik; later;then beliau go to Jerusalem to run ‘ uzlah again whereabout beliau [do/conduct] the circumstantial tafakur [in] Mosque ‘ Umar And Qubbat al-Sakhr ( The Dome of the Rock). As free as than touring mausoleum of Prophet of Ibrahim a.s. [in] Hebron, beliau execute the hajinya to Makkah and go to Madinah. That [is] followed with the deed ber’uzlah [in] place of excellency and mosque, and also wander [in] padangpadang sand. As free as than eleven year stay in the adventure beliau return to its birth town [is] Tus, in year 499 H / 1105 M. With reference to its experiences follow what- what going into effect as free as beliau leave the town Baghdad, [there] no something informed by nya to us. What informed [by] [is] how existence of case which may not dihuraiakan which is too much going into effect to it in the form of ideas of time beliau stay in a period of/to ‘ that uzlahnya. That experience likely bring as natijahnya to beliau accept the authority of Prophet s.a.w. and bow completely to kebenarankebenaran which [is] [is] made a night of it in al-Qur’an. [Among/Between] marking [of] early about beliau give the defence to akidah Ahlis-Sunnah waljama’ah ( what (it) is true ahead is (it) is true beliau give the defence to nya, but now that defence [is] given [by] as free as than going into effect quotable something that as authentication in spirituality [of] about that truths) [is] its writing entitle the ar-Risalah al-Qudsiyyah composed [by] time beliau stay in ‘ uzlahnya [in] Jerusalem, possible before 492 H / 1099 M cause [of] [at] the month;moon Sya’Ban year [of] Jerusalem Ditawan by Cross ammy. This [is] [entered/included] [by] into chapter of[is three its grand buku [is] Ihya’ ‘ Ulumi’D-Din in chapter with reference to bases ‘ Aqidah; in that buku [is] beliau mencatitkan [of] what learning of in a period of/to beliau ber’uzlah at the same time [do/conduct] the spirituality practice and run the that circumstantial tafakur. In a period of/to that adventure [is] beliau continuously buku charcoal [of] besides than Ihya’ ‘ Ulumi’D-Din and from during to during beliau return to give the instruction to all its pupil. Beliau feel the bahawa he have the role to save the religion [of] than stream of kezindikan and kekufuran and beliau of buku charcoal to uphold the akidah Ahl al-Sunnah wal-jama’ah as clear than part akidah in Ihya’ ‘ other;dissimilar Ulumi’D-Din buku And like al-Iqtisad fi’l-I’tiqad; beliau also our charcoal about perverting Batiniyyah in its buku [is] al-Fad’ih al-Bataniyyah as well as perverting and kekufuran in buku of Faisalat al-Tafriqah bainal-islam wa’z-zanadiqah. Beliau also continue its attention to hadith-hadith of Prophet s.a.w. If/When beliau return to Tus beliau continue the life ‘ uzlahnya and also tafakkur done a good deed; however Fakhr al-Mulk of son of Nizam al-Mulk giving haven to it, what at that time become the wazir to Sultan of Sanjar menggesa beliau accept the post of professor of science akidah [in] College of Maimunah Nizamiyyah [in] Nishapur which beliau agree finally, with the heavy liver feeling; but beliau is not old undertake over there and later;then [his/its] return to its birth town again and construct the madrasah whereabout beliau give the instruction over there with reference to suggestion of al-din and tasawwuf. Later;Then [his/its] if/when beliau ordered by wazir al-Said teach also and Nizamiyyah [in] Baghdad, beliau make the choice to remain to [in] Tus;
Pass away Imam Ghozali
Over there he live safely with all its pupil; its life chockablock education and practice worship to Allah so that beliau pass away [at] 14 Jamadil-Akhir year 505 H / 19 Disember 1111 M with the buku hadith for its chest, its story word. Ibn Al-Jawzi history in buku al-Thabat ‘ Inda Al-Mamat story discovered than your Ahmad [is] imam of Al-Ghazali bahawa “ on Isnin ( 14 Jamadil-Akhir) when entering your my At dawn [is] Dusty [of] Hamid take the wudu’nya, Morning Prayer, later;then say: ‘ Lead into the winding sheet’; beliau take that cloth, kissing of it and place at its eye, at the same time say: ‘ We hear and meekly fully supply for the hadhir of to God Hadhrat, King ( What The most In command)’; later;then its beliau melunjurkan foot/feet, mengadap kiblat,dan pass away before sun go up’. Is narrated by bahawa Shaikh Abul-Hasan al-Shadhili rd dream the bahawa he see the Prophet s.a.w. showing Imam of Al Ghazali to prophet of and Mozes ‘ Jesus, at the same time enquire to their second, ‘ Is there any there are wise pious people in your people [is] both?’, reply both there no. In its soul is beliau menyedari bahawa beliau must to face the stream of ilhad or kekufuran which is emerge by then expostulate the Islam teaching of pursuant to Qur’An and Sunnah as existing in Ahlis-Sunnah wal-jama’ah. That Kerana is beliau give the defence to akidah Ahlis-Sunnah wal-jamaah in its teksteks composition. Between its kita-kitab composition is so-called in catitan al-Zabidi and Ibn al-Subki [is]: - Four buku fruit in the field of fiqh of sect Shafi’I; big iaitu [of] al-Basit, simple [is] level of al-Wasit, in seven volume, and summarized in two volume, iaitu al-Wajiz; what [is] summarized in al-Khulasa. Al-Wasit given [by] the syarahnya as well as summarized [by] its contents [of] between] by Imam Nawawi in buku of Rawdah al-Talibin. - Four buku fruit with reference to suggestion al-fiqh, al-Mankhul, what is composed [by] its teacher time [is] imam Al-Haramain above the ground, Shifa’ al-Ghalil fi Masa’Il ( or Masalik) al-Ta’lil; al-Maknun; and al-Mustashfa. Its buku [is] quotable as its encyclopaedia about methodologies of its punca-punca Shari’Ah opinion [is] last in the field of his, is al-Mustashfa, what is many times published in Egypt and other.
This kitab composing of as free as than beliau go out than ‘ uzlah and have mystique to and also tafakkur. - Ihya’ ‘ Ulum Al-Din, between last.


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