Sheikh Abdul Qodir r.a


Asy Sheikh Abdul Qodir r.a borne in Jilan in cloistered town of Tabaristan in the year 471 masehi. Its baby hood is he milk do not want to in day time of month;moon Romadhon, as conservancy of Allah SWT for nya. He is Abu Syaikh Muhyiddin Abu Muhammad Abdul Qodir bin of Saleh Jank Dausat bin Abi Abdillah bi Yahya Az Zahid bin Muhammad bin of David of bin of Mozes of bin Abdulah Al-Mahd bin Hasan Al Mutsanna Ibnul Hasan of As Sibth bin Ali bin Abi Tholib of husband of Siti Fatimah Binti Muhammad Rasululloh SAW Syaikh sufi Syaikh Sihabuddin Umar As-Sahrawardi in buku ‘ Awarif Al-Ma’Arif chapter 21 history, “ Among all moslem scholar there is asking to Syaikh Abdul Qadir ‘ Why thou marry the ?’. Beliau reply, ‘ I do not own the intention to marry until Rasulullah SAW say to me, “ Marrying thou”. from Syaikh Abdul Qadir that beliau have said, “ I have wanted the just wife at one time only I do not wish to marry because partying to to pass the time. Finally I bear with till Allah bestow 4 wife to me matching with my desire”. Ibnu Najjar in buku of tarikhnya history that he have heard the Syaikh Abdul Qadir say the, “ My kids there is 49 people, 27 among other things is man and other of woman.” Al-Jaba’i History, Syaikh Abdul Qadir say, “ If anakku born, I raise a hand the mengendongnya as great as saying, “ this is mayit”. Later;Then I release it from my heart. Until of if he die hence the mentioned do not influence me “. Al-Jaba’i History also that its child is goodness of man and also woman there is dying at the time of He is teaching, and he do not discontinue the schedule instruction. Beliau remain to climb for its chair and teach, whereas worker bath the dead body is bathing its child. After finishing dead body the child brought to majlisnya and beliau descend later;then shalat. Abu Al-Hafid of Izza Abdul Mughist bin Harb Al-Baghdadi and the other say ” We ordinary attend [in] ceremony of Syeh Abdul Qodir in his ribath in Baghdad.
Generally attending ceremony beliau [is] all Syaikh Iraq among other things ; Syaikh Alibin Hiti, Baqa Bin Bathu’, Dusty [of] Sa’Id Al-Qailawi, Mozes of Bin Mahin , Abu Najibassahrawardi, Abu Umar, Utsman Al Qursyi, Makarim Al-Akbar, Mathar, Jaakir, Khalifah, Shidqah, Yahya Murtasyi, Ad-Diya Ibrahim al-Juwaini, Abu Abdulah Muhammad al-Qazwaini, and still a lot of again hereinafter click [in] siniAbu Ustman, Umar Ak-Batiahi, Qadib Al- Baan, Abul Abas Ahmad Al-Yamani, Abu Abas Ahmad Al-Qazwaini therewith its pupil is David which always execute the Shalat fardhu in Makkah, Abu Abdulah Muhammad Al-Khas, Abu Umar, Ustman Al-Iraqi As-Syauki, what it is said represent the one or the other of Rijal Ghaib …. and others. In a condition Spiritual of[is the Syaikh say “ This my feet back of each;every Sponsor”. So hear the of direct Syeh Ali ASL-HITI awaken and place the feet of Syeh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani in its shoulder. So also with other;dissimilar, them have dragged out its shoulder to execute the mentioned. Syaikh Abdullah Al-Ashbahani Al-Qamari Al-Jabali say, “ One night enlightened [by] my month;moon get all dweller of Lebanon mountain [is] gathering [is] later;then flown to Iraq group for the shake of group. I'am also enquire to my friend representing one or the other from them about its cause, he/she reply the, “ Khidir Ace”, Commanding us to visit upon the Baghdad and face a Quthb.” “ the Whom Quthb ?” “ Syaikh Abdul Qadir ra.”, its reply. Later;Then I request to it to be permitted to [by] follow with [it]. Shahabatku grant my application and akupun go with [his/its] cut away on the air. A few moment later we arrive at the Baghdad and akupun see all the dweller Jabal have marched before the Syaikh. Its Leader call the the Syaikh with the title Tuanku. Beliau give the comand to them later;then order the them to return. Hence merekapun flown to place from the beginning. I say to my friend, “ and quickly it[him] all of you execute what commanded [by] beliau have never confessed to see before this”. “ You my,” reply my friend. “ How us [do] not execute that comand to one who say, “ this kakiku [in] back [of] each;every Allah sponsor”. We have been commanded in honour of and adhere [it]’”. Karamah of The Syaikh. All moslem scholar and all syaikh praise and idolize [it] and also very taking care of [of] manner [of] when residing in majlisnya.Pupil of Syaikh Abdul Qadir [is] not counted [by] to the number of, them [is] happy people who [in] world and [in] eternity. [Do] not seorangpun from them passing away except in a state of ask apology and 7 generation from first pupil of incoming nya of heaven. Al-Jaba’I say that Syaikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani also say to it, “ sleep and develop;build the ku have been arranged”. At one time, in dadaku arise the strong desire to converse. So its strength until I feel choked otherwise converse. And when conversing, I cannot discontinue [it]. At that moment there [is] two or three one who listen my word. Later;Then they inform what I say to people, and merekapun berduyun-duyun visit upon me [in] mosque of Chapter Al-Halbah. Because [do] not enable again, I [is] carried over [by] a down town and encircled with the lamp. People remain to come between two lights and hence wax;candle and torch and fulfill the the place. Later;Then I [is] brought [by] a town exit and placed [in] a mushalla. But people remain to come to me, by riding horse, camel even ass and take possession of the place [of] around ku. That moment attend about 70 people [of] all sponsor of Radhiallahu anhum. Moment there [is] enquiring to beliau Syeh Abdul Qodir Al-Jailani RA ” When thou know that the dirimu [is] Allah sponsor” hence beliau reply “ I have age [to] 10 year [of] when seeing all angel walk beside my moment go to the school/ madrasah. And at arrival over there all the angel say “ Give the road;street for Allah Sponsor” until I sit. Have one day somebody pass before and he/she hear all angel tell the [the] mentioned .
He enquire to one or the other the angel “ there [is] what with this Moppet ?” The Angel say “ This have been destined from Baitul Asyrof ( house most mulia-Arsy). Beliau Bekata “ This Child will become the the big noise . He/She have been given [by] the award which cannot refuse of, opened [by] hijabnya, and have been drawn near”. Fourty year later;then newly I know that the the people [is] one or the other [of] Abdal at that moment. History from Syaikh Abdullah An-Najjar bahwasanya Syaikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani have said the moment knocked over [by] various heavy temptation, “ If a lot of temptation befalling myself, I lie down above land (of) and say, ‘ In fact hereafter adversity there [is] amenity. Real hereafter adversity there [is] victory’. And when I develop;build various mentioned burden have gone dariku”. moment Beliau know that to claim the science [is] law [is] obliged to its, and represent the drug for ill soul, beliau intend to master [it]. Hence beliau go to all imam and all Syaikh sufi to learn the ushul and furu’ until beliau master all that. [Among/Between] its teachers in the field of ushul and furu’ fiqhiyah [is] Ash Wafa’ Ali Bin ‘ Aqiil Al Hambali, Dusty [of] Khitab Makfudz Al-Kalwadzaani Al-Hambali, Abu Hasan Muhammad bin Qadhi [of] Ya’La Muhammad bin Al-Husain bin Muhamad ibnu Fara’ Al-Hambali, Al-Qadhi Abi Sa’Id- Al Mubaarok Al-Machzuumi Al Hambali. Later;Then beliau learn civil ( sastra) from Zakariyah Yahya bin Ali At-Tabrizi. Syaikh Abdullah Al-Jaba’I history that Syaikh Abdul Qadir tell a story to it, “ at one time arise the strong desire at heart to go out from Baghdad [of] because its fertility [is] libel which grow the. Akupun take the catatankku and drape [it] [in] my shoulder later;then [go] to the Chapter Al-Halbah to leave the Baghdad [go] to the desert. Sudden I hear a voice say to me, “ will to manakah thou ?”. And a motivation making me fallen down. Later;Then voice that return to say, “ return the, people will get the benefit from your existence “. “ [is] care the ku with the creature of[is other;dissimilar , I go out for the shake of my religion safety” my reply. The voice return to say the, “ kembaliilah and thou will get the your religion safety”‘. Abu Abbas Al-Khidir Al-Huasini Al-Moushuli tell a story, “ at one particular my day witness the Dusty khalifah Al-Mustanjid Billah [of] Dusty Mudzafar Yusuf bin of Abdullah Muhammad Al-Abbasi visit upon the Syaikh Abdul Qadir”.: “ I wish something from karamah”. his hope to the Syaikh “ What thou wish ?”. Ask him. : “ I wish a incoming apple from nature ghaib.” While at that moment is not apple season. Syaikh Abdul Qadir raise a hand [his/its] into the air and sudden in [his] arms there are two apple. One of the second [of] the apple passed to [by] khalifah. Later;Then beliau split the apple [of] exist in tangnnya hence see the aromatic and fresh white kernel. The khalifah also [do/conduct] the same thing to apple passed to, in the reality [is] secretory the than the kernel [is] worm and stink.: “ What its intention this?” Ask khalifah.: “ Apple of exist in your hand [is] holded by hand one who brutal therefore as which thou witness, secretory [is] worm. While [is] this one holded by secretory sponsor hand so that [is] good”. Abu Su’Ud Al-Harimi history at one particular day in year 521 Abu Mudzafar Al-Hasan bin Na’Im of a merchant come faceing the Syaikh Hammad Ad-Dabbas and say, “ I have prepared a caravan bringing merchandise for the price of 700 diner to go to the Syam.” “ If thou leave in this year hence thou of terbunah and all your estae will be hijacked”. Word of[is the Syaikh.The merchant itupun come home with the sorrowful feeling. in the middle of transportation;journey he meet the Syaikh Abdul Qadir – what at the time its age still be young- and narrate what told [by] Syaikh Hammad to it. Syaikh Abdul Qadir say to it, “ Leave in this year thou will go and come home safely and get the big advantage. Akulah becoming its guarantee”. The merchant even also go to Syam.
Over there its goods is saleable at the price of 1000 diner. When will come home, he go to toilet ( will throw away the intention) in place [common/ public] bath. He place its money [is] above toilet and forget to bring [it] return. A few moment later, he [is] attacked to [by] feel the sleepness and fallen asleep. In its sleep [is] he see impressing he [is] residing in in caravan entourage. Sudden come the robber groan the the caravan and kill every person who is [in] in that caravan. He/She see the x'self cutting sword [in] desert. Moment [of] that's he [is] develop;builded with the breath panted and get the blood secondhand and feel the pain of effect [of] of tebasan sword [in] its neck. He/She later;then remember its money [is] which [is] [is] left behind [in] toilet. Hence return he there and discover its money still be intact stay put. After taking the money [is] he return to Baghdad. In liver he say, “ If I face the Syaikh Hammad beforehand, hence older beliau. If me of real menghdap Syaikh Abdul Qadir [of] real correct word beliaulah.” He set mind on to meet the Syaikh Hammad beforehand. Sesampai [in] market Sulthan, he come in contact with the Syaikh Hammad Ad-Dabbas and direct Syaikh Hammad say to it, “ Meet The Syaikh Abdul Qadir beforehand. He/She [is] people loved [by] the Allah. 17 times he/she pray the dirimu request to Allah so that Allah make killing of thou [is] only changed in a state of dream, and loss of your estae [is] which is because of your error also [is] only happened in dream”. Later;Then he visit upon the Syaikh Abdul Qadir. Before he say something, Syaikh Abdul Qadir say to it beforehand, “ Syaikh Hammad have said to you that I request the thou to Allah of[is seven of compassion multiply. For the shake of Allah supremacy, real [is] I request the thou to Allah seven compassion multiply, later;then seven compassion multiply, later;then seven compassion multiply, until altogether amount to seventy times so that Allah make all that [is] destined [by] Him happened [by] for dirimu [in] real nature, ( killed and estae loss) – [is] only happened in dream.

Tausiyah I.

With reference to fiqh Syaikh Abdul Qadir say the, “ tafaqquh ( become a which is the expert in religious problem), newly berkontemplasi / khalwat / uzlah. who did Goods have [is] religious service [to] to Allah without religion knowledge hence damage for him[s [is] bigger than [at] kemaslahatan. Ambilah of your Lamp syari’at The infinite in [doing/conducting] what thou know hence He/She will bequeath to the science and something that [of] thou [do] not know deciding the cause of. Cut loose from people and from sleep, hence He/She will award the kezuhudan at heart. People will see your husk and adabmu . become one who decide everything except He cutting loose from other and causality, because partying to to extinguish the your lamp nya. kontemplation ( uzlah) 40 day for the The infinite of your hence source hikmah in kalbumu will shine from your tongue. Moment [of] that's he will see the fire of Al-Haq SWT, as Mozes see [it]. He/She will see the fire from its liver tree say to their/his self, to its passion atmosphere, devil, its character, and causality and also eksistensinya, “ yours tinggalah here, in fact I see the fire .. ( Thaha : 10). whispering in liver, I [is] your The infinite, curtsey I. Thou don't demean to besides Me. Thou don't drape the x'self [of] besides I. Recognize I and take care other. My Gapailah and break with besides I. Ask to Ku and take care other. Come to My science to near by -Ku, My sultanate and empire”. After the meeting have, happen what ought to be happened [by] that is He/She SWT have berfirman to His slave, “ Hijab have been disclosed, kekeruhan have been eliminated, soul have been made calm and Iust have weak”. Later;Then come a comand, “ Go to Fir’Aun. Wahai Kalbu, return the thou to atmosphere Iust and last devil guide the them to -Ku, their tunjuki walke to -Ku. Tell to them, “ Follow I, I will show to all of you real correct road;street”. He/She will always stay in the condition jointed ( wushul), [is] later;then broken, jointed again and re-broken, newly [is] later;then non-stoped to joint ( wushul). With reference to Ismullah Al-A’Dham beliau Syaikh Abdul Qadir say the, “ Ismullah Al- A’Dham [is] ( word / lafadz) Allah. Just only the word will generate the effect [of] if thou tell [it] with the empty liver from everything besides Allah. secretory Word Bismilah from all ‘ equivalent wisdom with the word kun ( jadilah) from Allah. This Word ( Lafadz Allah) eliminating sorrow, removing grief, eliminating painfulness, this word light embosom the. Allah SWT excel the anything, looking miracle, His strength [is] immense high. Allah represent the supervisor [of] all slave, liver watcher, All Powerful and The Most Force The ( Qaahir Jabaarah) What The most Megetahui of den defect and also visible forceps, nothing that [is] occult the than -Nya. who did Goods deliver its life for the Allah of SWT hence he stay in the Allah custody. who did Goods love the Allah, hence only visible Allah in the eyes of [his/its]. who did Goods walk the Allah road;street hence he will until to Allah, and whosoever which can reach the Allah hence he will live in the Allah upbringing ( Kanfillah) . who did Goods long the Allah will be non-stoped with Allah. who did Goods leave the bustle, passing the time [his/its] with Allah hence he [is] knocking at Allah door, searching protection to Allah and bertawakal to Allah. Allah said, “ Wahai [of] all manipulator, return to Allah. All this ( result of them) paying attention to namaKu [in] transient daarul’ ( dunia) , and surely waiting [in] daarul baqa’ ( akhirat) . If all this happened [in] daarul mihnah ( place of[is full (of) temptation) and surely waiting [in] daarul ni’mah ( place which is full (of) ni’mat). This [is] namaKu and thou have reached the My door front, how if my hijab disclose for the mu of. This only namaKu and thou have been called. How if shown before those who stay in the condition musyahadah ( penyaksian) and go out to sea the meeting shown before them.” A pecinta as a bird. He/She will not sleep [in] tree but hum loved, exhaled [by] contiguity in their chest so that homesick them [of] Their God. Remember I ( ALLAH) with the surrenderness and x'self delivery hence I will remember all of you with the best choice. Its clarification [is] who did firman Allah,”Barang [is] bertawakal to Allah undoubtedly He/She will perform [a] for him[s way out”. Remember I am with the longing and love hence I will remember all of you incircuit ( al-washl) and contiguity ( al-qurbah) . Remember I fully gratitude and praise hence I will remember all of you with the reciprocation and reward. Remember I pleadingly ampunan hence I will remember all of you by ampunan. Remember I by do’a ( permohonan) hence I will remember all of you with the gift ( award). Remember I am with the request hence I will remember all of you with the grant. Remember I am without have forgotten hence I of mengningat all of you without breaking. Remember I am with the sorrow hence I will remember all of you with the dignity. Remember I intentionally hence I will remember all of you with the benefit. Remember I by tanashul hence I will remember all of you by tafadhul. Remember I candidly hence I will remember all of you with the safety ( khalas). Remember I am with the liver hence I will remember all of you by removing sorrow. Remember I am with the tongue hence I will remember all of you with the security. Remember I am with the x'self delivery hence I will remember all of you with the amenity. Remember I pleadingly forgiveness hence I will remember all of you with the blessing and ampunan. Remember I am with the belief hence I will remember all of you with the heaven. Remember I am with the Islam hence I will remember all of you with the dignity. Remember I am with the liver hence I will remember all of you with the screen disclosure / hijab. Remember me.

Tausiyah II.

With reference to human being, Syaikh Abdul Qadir say, “ how amazing human being, and how respecting hikmah of is The Creator. If he do not follow the its passion atmosphere hence he will govern with the mind. If not because of its character complication hence he will be inundated [by] various meaning. He is storage money-box of place save of various mystery secret, he also represent the light basin at one blow fearful darkness. He/She which soul in it screen formed ofly various inscrutable source is which is the beauty of in each;every its element is shown ahead of angel”. Said of Allah Ta’Ala, “ We Have glorify the Adam offspring ( in the ceremony .. and We regard . special the them with mind”. This represent the signal that human being come from Allah, The The most Know visible and den defect. Each;Every Godlike rock residing in for boat Al-Ilm bring the late pearl from reality ocean to complete the radiation of Nuur AL-YAQIN. The Ship sail with the puff of soul wind to contention field. The Sultan ( akal) which is there are in it awaken, each other look out on and each other attack with the Atmosphere sultan [in] its chest field. At that moment Iust to represent the special army for sultan of atmosphere and soul [is] army of elite of mind Sultan. [Is] later;then heard [by] rallying call, “ Wahai of Allah Horse run and army of Allah munculah, and also go forward here wahai of atmosphere sultan.” All wishing its party victory and all wishing its opponent drubbing”. At that moment taufiq ( good view [of] Allah) with the His observation Eye to all sponsor- saying to both parties on behalf of Allah, “ who did Goods [is] I support, hence victory for him[s. And who did goods [is] I help, hence bliss [in] world and eternity for him[s. Later;Then I will not leave taking with my any person who consort until he sit [in] chair Ash-Shidq “. Your contradiction to x'self lust represent the dissociation form/ tajrid, even pengesaan Allah. The Deed transmit the His longing ray into liver [of] each;every ‘ wisdom till the liver [shall] no longger be permeable [of] enjoyment [of] besides. The deed also non-stoped inflame the liver till to His love dale. And walke to Allah will not can be gone through [by] except additionally [is] seriousness. Togetherness with the -Nya will not be reachable except by breaking estae and avoid the human being for the shake of eternity. Will not reach the the condition except overbearingly world and its contents. A His view to you have enough [so that/ to be] thou leave all that there [is]. A His leering look to you have meaned a lot of [so that/ to be] thou leave the world. Wahai Fulan [of] if hatimu have bersih , thou will execute the Allah comand. If thou see into fikiran [of] all ‘ wise, hence thou will find the its Creator light shine from their sirr. Know, all equivalent sponsor with the special faction all sulthan, people ‘ wise as belief people [of] all King. And hereafter a sponsor experience of its beloved [is] testimonial, hence he have [is] entitled to experience of its[his] bitter [is] condition budala’ ( transofrmasi). Wahai Anakku, special people eye will not look into the world and will not be got taken by its shimmer. They comprehend the firman of[is The Lover, “ And this world Life none other than deceptive easiness”. Anakku, devil will come into the liver [of] [through/ passing] recuring [it] delicacy and will defect to chest [of] [through/ passing] self-satisfy by illed temperament [of] lust later;then he will deceive the slave by pursuing world. those who [is] conscious the than falling asleep of mind, making clear condition spiritualnya by pursuing contiguity with its The infinite, and by civilized go to The The most [Count/Calculate], and berlomba-lomba walk to [go] to the eternity and also introspect what ought to ditingalkan in x'self. Because sesunguhnya world [is] sojourn place [of] whereas, and kiyamat closer. Later;Then Syaikh Abdul Qadir say : When we assure disclosed for us curtain, And if not because of downright word, Will not be upraised [of] hijab. Syaikh Abdul Wahab history, “ at one time ayahku ( Syaikh Abdul Qadir) suffering pain which hard very. We have gathered [in] around, weeping. That moment [is] beliau [is] awaking x'self. Later;Then conscious beliau and say, “ Don'T weep because me will not die because Yahya there (be) still [in] backbone and I have to [release] [it] to world”, At that time we estimate its utterance because of illness. Some times later;then beliau heal and marry a later Habsyi bear the Yahya ( youngest child [of] beliau). And newly pass away the llama after the occurence”. : “ Luruhlah from creature with the Allah law, from your passion atmosphere by order of Allah and from your desire with the Allah deed. That Moment [is] thou have come to the basin for ‘ ilm Allah”. Later;Then indication keluruhanmu from creature [is] breaking thou nya from them and desist to hope by what [in] their hand. While indication keluruhanmu from dirimu and atmosphere nafusmu [is] ketidak depend [by] mu to cause in getting benefit and refuse the danger. All that is [is] on motion less dirimu [of] olehmu , [do] not lean on what thou own and yield to your passion but delivering all that to better Allah to arrange [it]. sign Keluruhanmu from ambition [is] only Allah which thou wish. Even Allah deed emit a stream of in dirimu of organ moment kept quiet immobile, calm rohmu, spacious dadamu, and ketidak-butuhanmu to everything. Thou shuffled through by destiny hand, called by oral [of] Al-Azal..(Keabadian), taught by experienced all God. He/She [is] weared to dirimu from His light, the awarding of thou domicile all former science expert. Hence thou will always melt, [there] no ambition in dirimu [of] except will;desire ( iradah) Allah. Moment [of] that's thou attached to you creation and ke-supranatural-an, so that [in] level lahiriah [of] all that seen to come from dirimu, though its reality ( in your knowledge) [the] mentioned come from Allah deed. This [is] other start. And thou moment find the iradah in big dirimu progressively, hence thou have reached the kebersamaan(wushul) with Godlike.
Do’A – prayer of Shaikh Abdul Qodir. Syaikh Abdul Wahab and Syaikh Abd Rahman have story, “ ordinary word [of] beliau utilize in majlisnya [is], ‘ Alhambulillahir Robbil Aalamiin, Alhamdulullahi Rabbil Aalamiin, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamiin as much His creation and as heavy as ‘ arsyNya, as heavy as His keridhaan x'self, as much kalamNya and culminate His knowledge and all that Thou desire. I testify that tdak there [is] God is besides Allah, owner of empire and praise owner, animating and killing. He/She The most Live and have never died. [In] His hand all benefaction and He/She in command for everything. [There] no assistant, [there] no minister, [there] no benefactor. Single the most He/She are childless and also whelped, [do] not own the physical form which can be beautified, [there] no esensi which can be beautified, [do] not also own the ‘ ardh, so that perfect ketidak earn the dinisbatkan to Nya. He/She [do] not own the minister and [do] not also own the ally which equivalent ke-Agungannya with the Nya or follow to participate to what creating of. Nothing that [is] of equal with the Nya and He/She The most Hear. And I testify that Muhammad [is] His courier, His lover selected [by] Him from His creature, and delegated the Rasulnya by bringing guide ( real correct Al-Qur’an) religion And to winning of for all religion, although people musyrik frown upon. Yes Allah Overflow the ridhoMu to Dusty Imam Burn the Ash-Shidiq which its pennon flag high, sturdy with the reality, placed [in] position khalifah of[is the Enamoured, coming from respectable family, what its name join by the name of beliau SAW as well as to Imam of Abi Haffash Umar bin Khatab which is a few/little fancying a lot of doing a good deed, ignore to fear, what its decision [is] agreed by Al-Qur’An and Sunah. And to Dusty Imam Dzun-Nurain [of] Amru Utsman bin Affan and also to Warrior and holy maiden husband, cousin of Rasulullah SAW, the unsheathed Allah sword, pendobrak of door and soldier destroyer, imam And moslem scholar religion, judge syar’i shown [by] miracle from nya of imam of Abi Hasanain Ali bin Abi Thalib, also to second [of] Glorious Syahid [of] Hasan And Husain, and also to second [of] uncle of excellency of Hamzah and Abas and to all muhajir and anshar and also all tabi’in and tabi’i-tabi’in till day qiyamat yes experienced All God. Later;Then beliau lift second [his] arms parallel till with its face and say, “ No God [of] besides Allah, what He desire to become, and what He [Do] not desire will not be existed. Allah, [there] no energy and strength kecuai from Allah Which is High The most again Glorious The most. Yes Allah don't animate the us in negligence and thou Don'T assume the ketidak intend the us. Allah [do] not encumber the somebody but as according to its readyness. He get the reward from kindliness [done/conducted] and he get the torture from badness [done/conducted]. They pray : Yes our God [is] our Law thou don't if we forget or we make a mistake. Yes our God, thou Don'T burden the heavy burden us as Thou charge upon the people who [of] before us. Yes our God, thou Don'T shoulder the us [of] what [do] not we ready to shoulder. Give the maafMu to we, forgive the us, and our rahmatilah. our Benefactor thou, hence help the us to clan which infidel”.

Tausiyah III.

Syaikh Abdul Qadir say about charitable shaleh, “ who did Goods do something for the Sir of its with the seriousness, soul perity and godfearing hence he/she will take care besides He/She. Hi people, take a care all of you to ask what inappropriate [to] to all of you. Bertauhid-Lah all of you and don't ally the Allah. Take a care [is] all of you incured [by] arrow taqdir killing all of you, not merely hurting. who did Goods look away because Allah hence Allah will take care of rear”. : “ One and all, know that all of you not yet been told to emit a stream of with taqdir [of] except if all of you have accepted the ruination. And in fact He/She [do] not only chosen the liver but also nafs-nya. And make doggish [it] ashabul kahfi which sit to observe in the face of cave. Later;Then He/She call, “ hi calm soul return to your The infinite with the satisfied liver again diridhai-Nya”. Moment [of] that's liver step into the Allah presence and become the ka’bah for the view of Allah. He/She its sibakkan empire supremacy, He/She [release] all title then deliver and endow all that to the liver. That moment [is] the liver will listen a exclamation from the High The most “ Hi my slave, all my slave. my Property thou and I yours”. If the friendship take place the llama hence he will become the mattress for the King, manjadi khalifah for its people and His secret bursar. He will delegate [it] to sea to save which sink and delegate [it] to land to just show promise whom which being lost. If he/she melewati dead body, he will animate [it]. If he melewati of somebody pendosa, he will remind [it] ( sin which will have diperbuatnya). or Melewati [of] a which far hence he will draw near [it], or if he homesick melewati somebody ( to Allah) hence he/she will make happy [it]. A sponsor [is] steward of[is The Badal. And Somebody Abdal [is] steward [of] all Prophet. And all Prophet [is] steward [of] all Rasul SAW. A sponsor [of] well wisher [of] all King which always accompanies the the King becoming bed mate for the King between two lights and always reside in the near by Nya day time. My doughter Story – Byword Story. Dusty Al-Hafidz [of] Zar’Ah Dzahir bin Dzahir AL Maqdisy ad-Daari have story, “ I have attended the majlis Syaikh Abdul Qadir and beliau say, “ My word [is] addressed to people who come from returning mount Qaf. Those who its foot/feet tread on the air and their liver before Al-Quds. Entwise Sorban and close their head will will be burnted [by] because feeling homesick to their God”. At that moment putra beliau Syaikh Abdur Razaq also in the majlis and sit [in front/ahead] of its father foot/feet. its Kamudian Beliau menegadahkan head to sky. A few moments later;then its beliau menekurkan head ( [is] insensible_ and sorban [of] taken as its head [cover/conclusion] [is] burnted. The Syaikh alight from its chair and extinguishe the the fire as great as saying, “ And thou of Abdur Razaq [is] one or the other from them”. Afterwards I enquire to Syaikh Abdur Razaq whereof causing he faint the, beliau tell, “ when upturned me stare at into the air, I see the people with fire [in] their clothes fulfill the horizon and [is] listening beliau. Among them there [is] which sit on the air some of other sit [in] land;ground listen the beliau and flown [by] other [of] menyambar-nyambar in place”. Ash Burn the Al-Kaimi in its buku [is] history that Dusty Syaikh Burn the Al-Amri Ad-Daqaq tell a story, “ Its beginning [is] I [is] a camel cabman for the route of Makkah. At one time I squire the somebody from Jailan to give or obtain cash for the religious service haji. Moment feel its doom have near by, he say to me, ‘ this ambilah chasuble, in it there [is] 10 diner. Take also this clothes and deliver to Syaikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilli. Request to it to request the blessing to me.’ Afterwards he pass away. At arrival [in] Baghdad, emerge the virulent intention at heart, to master all that [is] entrusted to me. Cause, besides Allah nothing that know [among/between] me and people from the Jailan. During a few moments afterwards I only walk – road;street [in] town Baghdad, till at one particular my day come in contact with the Syaikh Abdul Qadir. I immediately say the greeting and shake hand the beliau. Beliau hold my hand hardly as great as saying, “ Pauper, just because 10 thou diner betray the Allah and trust given [by] a the foreigner to you and rob me”. At once I keel. And when conciousness, the syaikh have elapsed the dariku. I immediately come home and take the gold and also the clothes and later;then go to meet the the Syaikh.” Dusty Syaikh [of] Umar And Utsman say, “ In my dream see the water of Jesus river turn into the blood and matter. Irrigate the the blood non-stoped high and I run for from nya. At arrival at home, somebody throw the fan as great as saying to me, “ Hold strong”. “ This appliance will not be strong arrest;detain the my body weight” my reply. That people say the, “ Imanmu to guarantee the your body weight, now hold its both sides.” When I hold its both sides, I discover the myself reside in for bad with beliau. “ By God your siapakah ?” ask the ku. Beliau reply, ‘ I [is] Nabimu SAW’. Kharismanya make me tremble. Later;Then I request to beliau “ Yes Rasulallah, pray the me [of] [so that/ to be] dying in buku and sunah”. “ Yes” reply the Rasulullah. Later;Then beliau say, “ And syaikh-mu [is] Syaikh Abdul Qadir”. Twice afterwards I say the same request and twice also beliau reply with the same answer. Afterwards I develop;build and narrate what I lay eyes on ayahku. Ayahku later;then bring me to Syaikh Abdul Qadir, our sesampai [in] ribath, beliau [is] deliver a lectureing. And because to the number of our people can only sit [in] last line, far from beliau. Sudden beliau desist and call the us. Kamipun [of] near by to Beliau, split the crowd large group [of] people till to chair Beliau. Beliau say the, “ You, thou will not visit upon the us gratuitously”. Then beliau pair the clothes and cap which beliau wear to me. Because clothes which beliau pair to me highness, ayahku wish to correct [it]. That moment [is] beliau say, “ bear with until everybody go”. After altogether disband, and the Syaikh alight from its chair, ayahku return to wish to correct the bajuku but ayahku discover the the clothes have [is] snugly attached [in] my body. Insensible Ayahku at once and [the] mentioned make a splash a lot of. “ Bringing he/she here” Govern the the Syaikh. Kamipun face the Syaikh Abdul Qadir which [is] residing in dome [of] all sponsor. Named that way because to the number of all sponsor and rijal-al ghaib- incoming to the dome. Beliau later;then say to ayahku, “ How one who its theorem [is] Rasulullah SAW and Syaikhnya Syaikh Abdul Qadir [do] not own the karamah. “ Now this karamah for the mu of”. Beliau then take the paper and write down that beliau have weared the chasuble sufi ( bai’at) to us. Ash of Ridho of one or the other [of] steward of[is the Syaikh tell a story the, “ Syaikh Abdul Qadir [do/conduct] three kontemplasi ( khalwat). When exit from kontemplasi thirdly, I enquire to beliau whereof which beliau see in kontemplasinya. Beliau look into me angrily then bounce a idyl : [Is] shown to me the The Lover without hijab. And akupun witness the visible other matters because His comand [is] His Face ray illuminate the whole horizon. Kharisma-Nya make I reluctant reply the Him with my love. Hence I call He/She under breath to idolize His matter And wrong for fear of, have never confessed to ask to see the Him I call He/She fully seriousness. To start dead liver. [Is] attached to me, whose [is] thou and what your intention. Your meaning [in] your mataku mind and [in] in kalbuku. Insensible Akupun. After conciousness beliau embrace me and say, “ If permitted [by] I will converse about various miracle [of] however tongue and hatiku kelu and also frost, cannot depict [it]”. Syarif Al-Baghdadi say, Next Door [of] Syaikh Abdul Qadir [of] there are a so called man [of] Abdullah Bin Nuqtah which [is] gambleing. Because he/she suffer the big drubbing, all that owning of changing hands. Later;Then he say, “ Going on game, I install my hand” and he/she still fail also. “ Raise a hand the” its opponents word. When he see the knife to be used to cut [his] arms, he/she refuse to do so. They say, “ if so tell !“ I fail”. He/She also refuse the the request. Sudden Syaikh Abdul Qadir Come to its house and say the, “ Abdullah, take this sajadah and don't tell to them “ I fail”. Later;Then beliau return to its pupils with the tear berlinang. Moment [of] all pupil say to it, beliau only say “ All of you will see [it] wait”. The Abdullah take the the sajadah later;then return to play at and finally get all that mentioned taken away from [his/its]. Afterwards he face the Syaikh Abdul Qadir and bertaubat [of] before beliau. He/She also deliver entire/all its estae. He/She [is] which Syaikh Abdul Qadir told, “ Ibnu Nuqtah come after altogether come and quickest;fastest until”. Beliau [is] one or the other [of] khawash of[is the Syaikh. Dusty Syaikh [of] Muhammad Al-Jauni say, “ At one time I face the Syaikh Abdul Qadir in a state of impecunious. And my family [is] three-day have [do] not eat. I enter and say the greeting for the beliau of, beliau reciprocate my greeting and say the, “ Jauni, hungry [is] one of estae from the Al-Haq which will not give of except to which He love. If a three-day slave have [do] not eat, He/She of berfirman, ‘ For the shake of thou Me have borne with. For the shake of My supremacy, I Will feed up the thou [of] a mouthful for the shake of a mouthful and I Will drink the thou a draught for the shake of a draught’. My moment will converse the, beliau wigwag to me to be kept quiet, and later;then say, “ If a slave thrusted upon [by] disaster by Allah later;then he [do] not narrate its adversity to others, hence he will get two reward. However if he narrate [it] to others, hence he will get one reward.” Afterwards beliau ask me to near by and give a talk on something behind back, newly I intend to converse the, beliau say, “ Keep quiet and [do] not narrate more especial and better than poorness’”.

Pass away of Sheikh Abdul Qodir Jailani.

At even age 91 year of masehi beliau pass away precisely at date of 11 Year-End Rabiul 561 Hijriyah. Beliau buried [in] Baghdad and maqam of a lot of people pilgrimage from various country. Hopefully Allah SWT always ridhoand give us all benefit with the nya. Allahumma Amen.

Ya Allah, pouring and overflowing ridho for him and award the us with the secret which Thou keep it, Amen.


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Abd Qodir Jailani...is very important person in tasawuf...I follow him, thank's

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Sheikh Abdul Qodir said “ This Child will become the the big noise . He have been given by the award which cannot refuse of, opened by hijabnya, and have been drawn near”. Nasya Alloh..this's the best article